Wests Tigers Tipping Comp 2017

  • We are back for the 3rd Season of what some has described to me as the best Tipping Comp that they have been in apart from the Money Comp.
    If you love a Banter , having a load of fun during the League Season , Competing with your Forum Mates and in the process trying to get your name on the Shield we are playing for ? Then you don’t want to miss out on this one .

    <big>You Think you can Tip ? Well try it with a Handicap start 😉 .</big>
    1.I’m running it with the N.S.W TAB handicap starts which come out every Tuesday before each Round
    2. Examples : Titans vs Tigers + 4.5 i pick Tigers, Scores = Tigers 20-10 , i win by 14.5
    Storm vs Dragons +12.5 i pick Storm, Scores= Storm 22-10, i lose by .5
    Raiders +8.5 vs Bulldogs i pick Bulldogs , Scores= Bulldogs 16-10 , i lose by 2.5
    Get the drift ?
    3.Perfect Rounds will be Awarded only on Complete Rounds being 8 Games , a bonus 2 Points will be awarded for the Person that can Jag 8 from 8 , 7 from 7 only = 7 points , 4 from 4 only = 4 points
    4. Games that go into Extra time : The Points start will be added to final score of the Extra Time game after 90 Minutes……so in this case it’s not just the 80 Minutes , Points start to be added after the 90 Minutes Played
    5. This Comp goes for 26 Rounds , Semi Finals not included in the Comp . Only in the event that we have a Tie and a Tie Breaker is required.
    How the Tie Breaker will work ? The Contestants that finish the 26 NRL Rounds equaled on 1st Position will play a Tie breaker throughout the semi Finals with Handicap starts still included in the Semi Finals .
    The Grand Final will be a no Handicap game and the Contestants will be asked to pick the side that is going to win the Grand Final and pick by how many points there selected team will win by , the one closest to the correct Margin will be Crowned Winner :master: .
    If we have a scenario where let’s just say we have Contestant (a) coming 1st on 140 points and Contestant (b) on 139 points with only the Grand Final to play and let’s go for e.g 2014 Grand Final Souths vs Bulldogs , Contestant (a) coming 1st might go the safe option in picking the Favourite’s Souths by 14 points and Contestant (b) says to himself "i have nothing to lose and need to take my chance on the Bulldogs to win " so he or she picks Bulldogs by 8 , Let’s say Doggies win the Grand Final 20-10 , so that brings Contestant (b) equal with Contestant (a) on 140 points each after the Grand Final Result , Well the Margin will determine the Winner which in this case would be Contestant (b) as his Margin Prediction was correct for the Grand Final winner , Understand what i’m mumbling about ? The Grand Final will be the only game that you pick a winner and by how much .
    If by a miracle Chance there is still a Tie between the Contestants in the Tie Breaker ? Well next Season they will go up against each other in a separate battle over 3 Rounds , if still tied ? it will go per Round till we get a Winner . I doubt very much it will get to this .
    6. All tips must be in 10 minutes before kick off on the 1st game of each Round , no Tips will be allowed to be changed before each game once i have written ROUND IN LOCK DOWN , as this will be to much work going through the Thread for Changes. So we are all on the same Boat.
    7.To avoid any Copying of Tips between 1st and 2nd , come the end of the year i will ask the people to PM me there Tips the last 3 Rounds , and i will PM your Tips to 2 Other people on this Forum , 1 being to a Forum Mod as back up proof.
    8.If you make No selections for the Round you will get 0 score for the Round , you don’t get all the away sides if you have made no selections.

    <big>THE PRIZE :</big> The Winner of the Comp gets there name Engraved on the Shield at Seasons end , The Shield is a 12 year Shield with the Person winning it the most keeping the Shield at the end of it.
    Your total score will be put on the Shield at the end of the year , so in the event of a tie ? say e.g 2 Contestants have won it 2 times each being the most then the scores will be tallied for each year and the Greater score will win it .

    <big>CHAMPIONS LEAGUE :</big> The 2 Contestants that finish in the Top 2 each year…Will Qualify for this Champions League Tournament that will be played in 2027 ( the year after the life of the Shield which is 12 years ).
    If one of the Top 2 have already Qualified from previous years then the 3rd or 4th etc…will Qualify and an Awesome Prize will await the winner of the Champions League 😉 . I know long way Off
    True Tiger

    Start letting me know if your in please just by saying " I’m in " , so i can organize my book.

    This is the Thread to the past 2 years Comp so any Newcomers who wish to join can familiarize themselves with how it works

  • ForumSupporter

    I’ll go again but the thing is already mine in 2027…

  • Watch out Geo I have a new dart board to do my tips with.

  • Put me in please

  • @bathursttiger:

    Watch out Geo I have a new dart board to do my tips with.


    His had Sun Stroke in the Sun at the S.C.G bathurst 2027 :roll

  • Entrants for 2017 Comp :

    1. foreveratiger
    2. Geo
    3. bathursttiger
    4. jadtiger

  • @foreveratiger:

    Entrants for 2017 Comp :

    1. foreveratiger
    2. Geo
    3. bathursttiger
    4. jadtiger

    It wouldn’t be a comp if the defending CHAMPION didn’t put in an appearance just to show you guys how its done AGAIN ….I’m in FT…thanks mate…

  • I’m in.

  • Sign me up

  • I’m in

    Watch Out

    That shield is mine (and don’t worry I normally tip the Tigers every round, so if I win tigers win)

  • I’m in, I’ll have to read the instructions 10 or 11 times every week before I enter tips and by round 20 I’ll be really good at it, so by season 2020 I’m in with a shot at the shield.

  • ForumSupporter



    Watch out Geo I have a new dart board to do my tips with.


    His had Sun Stroke in the Sun at the S.C.G bathurst 2027 :roll

    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE : played in 2027… 😃

  • I’m in….

  • I’m in thanks mate!

  • Entrants for 2017 Comp :

    1. foreveratiger
    2. Geo
    3. bathursttiger
    4. jadtiger
    5. True Tiger
    6. Wagga Tiger
    7. GNR4LIFE
    8. WestsBenTigers
    9. Tiger Come Lately
    10. innsaneink
    11. greatodensraven

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