The next controversial call the Wests Tigers must make

The next controversial call the Wests Tigers must make

January 5, 2017 6:14pm

MANY believe the knives will be out for Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor once again should his team not perform this year.

Even a 2015 club strategic plan claimed the upcoming season would be a failure if the team doesn’t hit the ambitious target of a top four finish.

Taylor’s endured a torrid time at the Tigers since taking over in 2014, largely due to his controversial axing of Robbie Farah.

The club are paying around $750,000 of Farah’s salary at South Sydney, which puts limits on their spending power in the player market.

That’s why this season can’t be make-or-break for Taylor or Tigers, with Fox Sports rugby league expert Ben Ikin believing the club should extend the coach’s contract beyond 2017 in order for him to fix the club’s salary cap situation and build a roster that can take the team to finals football — somewhere they haven’t been since 2011.

Tigers coach Jason Taylor during training at Concord Oval. Picture: Gregg Porteous
“I know they’re a club, like the Newcastle Knights, who have gone on the record saying their salary cap has been a mess, and I’m pretty sure it remains that way for 2017 … they haven’t got much room to move,” Ikin told the Fox Sports Market Watch off-season podcast.

“So while many are expecting the Tigers to go to the next level (in 2017), I can’t see it happening.

“I think there’s enough evidence so far to give Jason Taylor a chance to work with (Tigers CEO) Justin Pascoe across 2017 to clean up the cap and go out and buy some support for Luke Brooks, Mitchell Moses and James Tedesco.

“I would give Taylor a one-year extension now.”

Ben Ikin, Nathan Ryan and Ben Glover are back with a two-part off-season special, where they break down each team’s rosters ahead of season 2017.

Last season, the Tigers finished ninth by just one competition point and seven places up from the previous year’s result.

Livewire fullback Tedesco evolved into an excitement machine, Moses and Brooks grew as a halves pairing and skipper Aaron Woods put his name up alongside the elite props in the game.

The quartet are all off contract at the end of 2017, so the coming months loom as a crucial retention period for the club, with all four likely to attract some serious attention.

Ikin believes Taylor needs to build a squad in order to give his key players more support and until they do that, they won’t challenge the powerhouse sides in the competition.

“You can’t expect Luke Brooks, Mitchell Moses and James Tedesco at this stage of their development to go out and take this team into the top four, not with the skinny list around them,” Ikin said.

“They might get themselves into the top eight and for me, that would be a huge tick.

“2018 has to be the year when you would expect, as a board member and as a CEO, to see the Wests Tigers take some giant strides on the field, because right now it’s still early days with respect to a roster clean-up and rebuild.”

While on-field results are Taylor’s main appraisal, Ikin says key Tigers players should be consulted before a decision is made on a contract extension.

“The only other performance indicator the CEO and board will get around Jason Taylor, is whether Tedesco, Moses, Brooks and Aaron Woods, who all come off contract in 2017, stay or go.

“Of course, you would speak to the players when re-signing the coach. Every CEO and chairman would, that’s due diligence.”

I have said all along that JT must complete his full tenure as coach to get everything back in order re squad,salary cap and support staff…he has done most of it and if the team does make the 8 or top 4 then the club should give him another year after this season…why ? because he has copped heaps over his structures,gameplans and player decisions and if the team is going great guns then he should have that extension,otherwise he has done all the work for some other coach to come in and claim the glory(if any)…
Its not that I’m a JT lover,I believe in giving a person a fair go,he has his critics,but remember he had an absolute crap fight to sort out…

I’d hate to see another year wasted while still copping the same old excuses that we’ve already copped,
If he makes the semis( only has to come higher than half the teams to get there) then there’s an argument for giving him another year,
But if he can’t do that and we are stuck with him for another year, we’re screwed again.
He knew what was here when he came here. There’s no gaurantee that we are going to be suddenly inundated with top players in 2018.
In fact , keeping him for 2018 and then seeing him fail again in 2017, won’t help in signing the players anyway.
He can only blame someone else for so long,
He was given 3 years, if he fails again , Goodbye.

First up, these comments were made 2-3 weeks ago at least, so FS must be really struggling for content to rehash them now.
Ikin made some good points tbh - probably worth listening to the podcast to get the full context.

That said, I don’t think he’s done anything to warrant an extension as of yet.

From the article :
" i would give Taylor a one year extension now " Seriously 😒 Why? Is there a stack of Clubs wanting his services for 2018 and beyond? The ball is firmly in Wests Tigers Court there is no rush in making decisions that might effectively rule yourself out from signing another Coach for 2018.

If results take care of themselves well Taylor has nothing to worry about, let’s wait till at least Round 16-18 and see where we are at. Don’t see the need in signing a one year extension now then come Round 20 we are sitting 13th-16th on the Ladder.

What if our off contract players want to know who is coaching next year? I doubt they will be willing to wait around and find out. Think a decision needs to be made one way or another by round 10.

Weren’t you one of the champions of the “players should play and Coaches should Coach” group a little while ago?
Is there now onerule for one ,and another for a different two or three.
Now the players have to have a say in whose Coaching.
Very strange!!
What happens if the senior players say that they want him gone, isn’t that stabbing the coach in the back.
That could make interesting reading. Lol.

It is funny. I do not think that we have a top shelf roster that can compete with some of the bigger clubs in the NRL, but we performed well last year. I have couple of mates, one a souths fan and the other a roosters fan. The souths fan laughs at the fact that we have Taylor as coach (despite taking thewm to their first finals series in a long time) and the Rooster fans mail is that he is an excellent coach who has been forced to inherit ordinary rosters that were unlikely to go anywhere, but has managed to get them to the finals.
Unfortunately both Potter and Taylor have been stuck with a roster that was set by the previous tigers management, with no room to build the squad that they want.

It’s a tough call. We might as well sign JT for another year because what are the options.
We can’t afford a “supercoach” and another 2nd chancer will just reset the already hard yards set in motion by Taylor. Another reset isn’t what’s needed now.

This is where Pascoe will earn his money. Its gonna be a tough year ahead for him.

Jt extension for 2018 needs to happen

@goldcoast tiger:

Weren’t you one of the champions of the “players should play and Coaches should Coach” group a little while ago?
Is there now onerule for one ,and another for a different two or three.
Now the players have to have a say in whose Coaching.
Very strange!!
What happens if the senior players say that they want him gone, isn’t that stabbing the coach in the back.
That could make interesting reading. Lol.

No that’s my cult GCT 😃 , and it applies to players sticking their noses where they shouldn’t stick their noses

I tend to agree with what FT said , no real rush and does the clubs goals change that much whether Taylor or someone else is coach

Probably just after SOO time would be ideal time in my opinion

This idea of ikins is almost the exact opposite of something I posted on Thurs
It’s also on the assumption that we will retain all our off contract main players.
Like I posted the other day…. It’s the easiest piece of the puzzle as JT would sign in an instant … But it needs to be the most important decision of bed retained or not.
The pressure will be on him and rightly so…

I have no doubt that if you asked him Taylor would sign immediately if offered the opportunity.However lets be honest if he was sacked there would not be a club in the NRL who would go anywhere near him.He has achieved zero here and to get an extension he has to improve our results which includes getting our defence to a decent level.
I cant believe people want to rush in and get him an extension that is accepting mediocrity.If we make top 6 then fine i can live with it.To me JT is a “snake oil salesman” all talk and no results.

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