Raspberry award

For the first time ever, it goes to both refs, at half time…

what a shame guys who cant play the game get to decide who controls the game

I’ve been saying it since round one. The referees are so clearly influencing the game it’s a sham. This whole competition is a rigged sham. I mean even the games we won. Sham sham sham sham sham. I’m almost over it.

Fitzhenry for standing like a statue watching the dogs score a try like he had money on them

For me the awar goes to,
ALL the refs, bar the video ref,
any tiger who dropped the ball,
any tiger who missed a tackle,
any tiger who made a STUPID decision,
any tiger who gave away a STUPID penalty,
any tiger who ran further sideways than forwards,
any tiger who gave a hospital pass resulting in an error,
any tiger who didn’t make touch from a penalty,
any tiger who misses the simplest of conversions,
any tiger who kicked the ball when no other player had any idea it was on,
to sheens for possibly the smallest bench in the history of the game (seriously, that bench would have had trouble containing steam of midgets!!)

right, that should cover the entire team!!!

Refs… Mainly Maxwell again!

I don’t think the refs cost us, poor handling did.

The game is friggin rigged, the worst ever reffing by Maxwell, seriously the lads were shut out.!!!


The game is friggin rigged, the worst ever reffing by Maxwell, seriously the lads were shut out.!!!

I agree. He can’t be that stupid. The only logical explanation is that Maxwell has a wager on the game. Probably all his life savings. He is a bigger scum bag than Ennis.

Maxwell must still have memories of Cambeltown last year.

The refs were terrible, no two ways about it.

Sheens for having a gameplan that had multiple first receivers at different times……expecting them to gel straight away…

He lied on WTV,when he said Lazzo would be the link man to Benji

Benji for failing to find touch from a penalty…he was off in D too…

Maxwell for not awarding a penalty when Ryan was taken out…

Maxwell for not binning Turner for taking out Benji

Maxwell for being a jerk…

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