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Hi All,

Not really sure where to put this. However I have recently started a dedicated sports website writing articles and doing podcast style shows on Rugby League and Cricket. Moderators please feel free to move this to where ever it best fits in.

Im going to have my own Tigers segment each week as we get closer to kick off. Hopefully covering the team in some depth and my thoughts on all things Tigers. Have not got a whole heap on the Tigers yet however just though i would let you guys know might be something to look forward to or to hate on me.

Below is a little podcast of a show I did today about who I think is each NRL clubs most valuable player.

Here is a link to the home page



Well done Eddie.
Hope it goes well for you.

Will be sure to have a look Ed.

I’ve book marked it, good luck mate.

Nice work Eddie…hard to argue with any of those choices…

Sold Robbie a little short tho…

Edd looking forward to your views especially after a embarrassing touch up

Great work Eddie

Glad you seem to have a good sporting brain

Nice work make. Good luck, I’ll try and listen to the podcast this weekend

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