Unfiltered: Jordan Rankin

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    Unfiltered: Jordan Rankin

    Dan Talintyre (Twitter: @dantalintyre)

    Mon 23rd January, 04:30PM
    Jordan Rankin talks about the year that was and the year to come.

    See what Jordan had to say about returning to Australia, how he settled in 2016, playing out of position and how he’s approaching 2017 in his second year the Club in the video above!


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    This one should be a hit…

  • Always liked Jordan,hope he does have a good year for the team,he is down to earth and humble……best wishes mate…

  • Wants to give his all for the team. Talk of not letting down the bloke beside you, focus on defence etc. Can’t ask for a better attitude.

  • Good club man with a great attitude…is a “steady as she goes” player…but honestly, I hope we have a more dynamic option on the wing who can also defend well for 2017…if we don’t then I have no issue Rankin filling that spot once again.

  • He had some down moments throughout the year but as a person he seems to have a great attitude and in 2016 he started his first full NRL season in a position he handn’t ever played and then a 2nd position in dummy half later in the year and yet he gave it his all. Now I’m not sure if he holds his spot in 2017 we will see but his attitude is great and I think we will see him become a better player in 2017 if he gets the starting spot

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