Tigers Talk 1 -My 2016 review, Gains/Losses, Talking Points, Nines, 2017 Prospects

Hi all,

As a long term member of the forum I thought I would try and do something a bit different this year. Going to be doing some audio previews and reviews covering the team in depth including results, talking points, rosters and anything WT in general.

Below is a Podcast style link to my preview for the Wests Tigers in 2017. I look back on 2016, debate our gains and losses. Plus discuss some of the current talking point around the Tigers including our Nines Squad and 2017 prospects.

Its Quite lengthy, first go at it so a bit scratchy. Made one blunder with a repeated sentense or two on Mitchell Moses. Feel free to discuss any talking points raised positive or negative.


Minutes 0-1 (Introduction)

Minutes 1-6 (2016 Positives) Apologies about the repeated clip on Mitchell Moses editing error***

Minutes 7-9 (2016 Negatives)

Minutes 10-15 (2017 Gains and Losses)

Minutes 16-18 (My thoughts on JT, Kyle Lovett and Off Contract Stars)

Minutes 18-22 (Nines Preview and 2017 Prospects)



Thanks Eddie. I’ve just started listening to podcasts at work so I’ll have a listen tomorrow - it certainly helps the time to go by a lot faster!

Your best podcast so far although I am a little biased by a Tigers tragic. Cant argue with most of the content, for once Iam a little optimistic about our chances so that in itself is a big worry.

Keep up the good work, I think a door could open for you

Really good listen Eddie, thanks for sharing.

But hey, the forum is a little dead ATM? Tell us what you really think 😉

Looking forward to the next instalment.


Really good listen Eddie, thanks for sharing.

But hey, the forum is a little dead ATM? Tell us what you really think 😉

Looking forward to the next instalment.

This forum is great overall. A lot better then some clubs have.

Will really liven up in the next few weeks I think.

^^ all good, only 38 sleeps to go!!

Mate, How good are you. That was great,I agree with everything you said. Thanks Eddie.

Great podcast mate, easy listening

a very fair and balanced summary.
good job eddie.

Very well presented Eddie…. :sign:

wish i saw this last night, woud have listened to it on my run this morning. always love eddie’s input. will give it a listen tomorrow and let you know what i think

Fantastic work Eddie. Ill be tuning in again.

Appeciate the feedback guys. Just tried to be honest.

It’s probably a bit long. Ill try and make them shorter as the season progresses.

I know 1 or 2 guys in the forum so might have them on in stages throughout the season.

It was a good listen Eddie…you are right Taylor has just about got his own team and injuries need to be kind for us to run deep…

It’s one area that has definitely improved over past seasons wether by luck or good management …

Enjoying the Cricket podcasts as well…

Pretty balanced. ubiased assessment.

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