Lazzo's game

I miss Moltzen soooo much!

Dropped balls, bad reads and he offered nothing

I know it was his first game and he played behind a beaten pack, but one thing was pretty clear from this game:


—> Daylight —>

-> Lazzo

Give him a break. He started the game well. I though he looked alright. A few unfortunate errors and his head went down. He’s a good player, I hope he gets a start next week but I doubt it. If they drop him I just hope Taumata is back.

he didnt play to expectation, doesnt help that we was constantly shifted from position to position either

Tough to show your halfback skills when you’re defending for 79 minutes

one thing i noticed was that he ran at line more than moltzen did! he looked good but few little things let him down. lets stick with him!

stripes, you are correct


had Moltz been there he wouldn’t have dropped those passes and probably offered more in defense

oh well

One good tackle. That’s bad. Then again, our attack was awful.

Given he was moved all over the park, it is impossible to tell how he goes at halfback.

Yes and no.

The main reason we lost the game was down to our own mistakes. Everytime we got the ball, we dropped it, gave away penalties etc. This meant that we started nearly every single set on our 10m line

The bulldogs were rubbish tonight. A team in form would have put 30 on us in the first half.

It’s premature to write off a player after a single game.

We went back to trying to score of every touch… the defence from the first 30mins killed us…


The bulldogs were rubbish tonight. A team in form would have put 30 on us in the first half.

Spot on… The dogs have nothing… they’ll get smashed next week regardless of who they are playing

What he did show for most of the game was (over)confidence. His main problem I thought was that he tried to do too much too often.
Kicks on the 4th, runs on the 5th etc. etc.
I think he was trying far too hard.
Give him another go next week and then judge.

That kick on the 3rd tackle was very poor judgement. It was the first time in a while we had the ball and the Tigers looked dangerous. Then he kicked it. I think Sheens yanked him after that. Stupid.

after winning back 2 back games on the road in the 2 tougest places to win im willing to accept this loss. we looked tired hung in there well for 70 minutes, if this is the worst we play this year then we are ok. hope luis back this week because sheens will put fitz there i feel

No need to crucify the kid. He simply isnt ready yet. Makes the abuse Lui copped earlier in the season look quite stupid though

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