Vale Paul McBlane

This news was on the NRL website, but seems to have been missed by the major press:

Heart attack at 53 years of age, but apparently he had heart issues for a long time and was why he had to retire from refereeing.

For those that may remember, he was the referee that approved the Andrew Willis field goal against North Sydney in 1996:

RIP. Thanks for being a ref, it’s not a very thankful job

Sad story…AllRefs do their best to keep the game going. We would have nothing without them…RIP

Always thought he was one of the better refs of his era, just got on with his job instead of trying to be the showpiece.
Seems to be a lot of young men passing away from heart attacks these days, a real problem.
Condolences to Paul McBlane’s family.

53 is very young to lose a father,husband or brother.very sad for the family.

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