Auckland Nines Preview

  • For those interested I have done an 11 minute podcast below previewing all 4 pools and who I think will advance from each pool to the quarter finals.

    Also identified some key players in each team.

    Might help you back a winner!

    The Nines is good to watch NRL players playing without the shackles of game plans and structures and block plays and channels. The NRL can really suck the life out of some players skills sets.

    I think it has a place in the Rugby League Calander although I can totally understand teams not risking their best players. Im glad our best are sitting at home to be fair.

    All the QLD sides look very strong. Warriors maybe not as strong as previous years.

  • With you Eddie - glad our best are sitting out.

  • Nah, IMO we should be playing our best stars.

  • Cmon Ed , what’s the go with pronunciations cuzzy bro

    Off to Rabbits school of Maori pronunciations for you

    Broncs might go OK if they can keep Benji off the field for long periods

  • I think we have a good mix of players…be good to progress out of pool stage. Newcastle will be keen as to progress also. Anyone got a spare footy they can place on the field.

  • Banned

    Tits smash Sharks in game 1 whilst Panthers easily beat Dogs in game 2

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