Tiger Talk 2 (19 minute Audio Clip) - Nines Review

Hi all,

Managed to catch the Tigers 3 games this weekend. Also been following all your thoughts in the Nines thread keeping up to date with all the reaction from the games.

Here I have compiled a little podcast talking about some of the games, individual performances, fan reaction and what it means heading into Round 1. Might be handy if you did not see most of the action or want some opinion on how things panned out.



0-2 Minutes - Overall Tigers Nines Recap (Results, Where We Ranked)

2-4 Minutes - Game v Knights Review

4-6 Minutes - Game v Storm Review

6-8 Munutes - Gmae v Broncos Review

8-10 Minutes - Individual Player Performances

10-14 Minutes - Implication for Round 1 (Starting side etc)

14-19 Minutes - Fan reactions, Is the Tigers approach to the Nines wrong???

Hope you enjoy

Very honest and fair review. Cheers Eddie, also interesting comments about the attitude going into the trials I had given that much thought.

Eddie - are these available via iTunes or other podcast services?

Sorry mate not as yet.

I guess I call it a podcast as wasn’t really sure what else to call it.

More an Audio Clip at this stage.

Still new to this game!

No worries - I’ll have a listen.

interesting analysis Eddie pretty much on the mark.Massive improvement required in approach to any match is required.
Always giving it your best should be our creed.Atm it isnt that has to change accepting mediocrity has to be a thing of the past.

Nice talk again eddie,i tend to agree with a lot of what you have to say,the tigers performance today i think came from abit of fan outrage or backlash over the teams performance yesterday,forcing JT to have to name his best side.Also i have noticed in the nines tournament the tigers always seem to start very slowly and are spanked in there opening games,which you would think comes down to lack of preparation and motivation for the tournament.Brad Arthurs halftime talks show what a professional and committed coach is,JT mumbled and splurted something that wasnt worth hearing anyway.
Wests tigers need to understand that the fans deserve more than what they are putting into this tournament,the team wants to avoid injury and protect the likes of teddy,moses,and woods is understandable,and the team maybe struggles with the depth of other teams,but come with a well prepared team,a game strategy,and maximum effort to win.

I actually enjoyed that. Well done.

Some goint points. Fair assessment of everything. Good to hear a fair critique of JT. Unlike the usual suspects giving it to him constantly which is very mundane (and if you dont agree, youre a fan boy apparently). Coach has to cop something for the weekend agreed, but its not all his doing.

I will start listening regularly. Good stuff.

My main worry coming out of the weekends games is our ability to wrap up the tackle. Its something that’s always on my mind when they play.
When we get dominated with offloads and teams get second faze against us we struggle out wide defensively. We were shown up by storm yesterday and that was only 9’s but hopefully can be rectified for rd1.

Once again very informative Eddie and I agree with you on Hunt. He was one of the shining lights for the ISP playing at halfback. Could he play on the left flank maybe at centre and Simona on the wing. Although I’m not a fan of Simona on the wing but I don’t think Hunt would be quick enough on the wing, much like Rankin in a way but maybe a better option ATM.

Another good listen, thanks Eddie!

Good listen and commone sense review. However Suli is an outside back not a backrower.

Enjoying these and look forward to hearing more, great stuff!!! I think this forum really needed something like this.
It’s spooky how much I nod my head to while listening, it sounds like I’m hearing myself speaking.
You’re very easy to listen to and make a lot of sense.
(Of course I’m going to say that if I think we think alike. hahaa)

The thing that stuck out to me the most was some of the quality young guns from other clubs look better than our established first graders.

Cheers Guys,

maybe at some point could get a few other voices involved. As listening to me most weeks might get a bit boring.

Will be a bit more to talk about once the season proper kicks off.

Apologies on Suli know he is an outside back just an oversight.

And my pronunciation of Aloiai was miles off the mark apparently!!!

Loved the idea of it all Eddie - well done, and keep up the good work.

Agreed with most of what you had to say with a few exceptions.

Know everyone has their own opinion - just wanted to share a couple of thoughts as well.

I agree with you at how slow JLJ and Rankin are in the halves in a “Nines” environment. NRL is a totally different game - 9’s do not make great NRL players and vice versa except on rare occasions.

Specifically disagree on first replacement should something happen to one of our starting halves - JLJ has proven himself in the NRL as a good partner for Moses, I am sure he could do the same for Brooks. No one is saying he is a world beater but a Moses half / JLJ 5/8 would work ok and get us through.
I believe (most don’t) that Simona will go, probably to the Titans – that leaves Kev in the centre and
(…?…) on the wing. No one available is lightning - I saw Hunt play a few games for Saints on the wing and thought he was above average (kicks goals if needed). I like Rankin but is too slow on the flank. Think Suli will be a good centre eventually, but a lot to learn – bring him on slow, maybe a couple of games towards the end of the season should we be able and if he is progressed enough.

Couple of thoughts on the coach, nines format, supposedly us not trying etc.

JC was quite emphatic that we would not be taking our best team – do we have a team of nines (no), do we have a few players that would help us go better (yes). Could have taken Teddy, Moses and maybe Liddle - would we have won it (?), would we have sustained a season ending injury (?), would the extra 200k+ put us in a great position (?) – worth the risk. In my opinion – No.

Did we train for the nines – by all reports – no. Why not? New plays, new game plans – confusion when you get to NRL for more game plans and totally different plays. Doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart when your team is as fragile as the Wests Tigers. I think they tried, I think they were proud of their Tige jumpers – however they were not good enough.

Now we are at the start of a new season with so much riding on it – it is not funny. The Club needs it, JT needs it, the players need it and the fans need it. Let us ALL hope it comes together for a very good 2017 season.

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