Loti under the high ball

does he look a little sus or was it just one of those bombs that anyone can drop?

Not the first time either. For a big bloke he doesn’t get a lot of lift.

He was superpb in Rugby taking the high ball,but seems to have lost a little.
Having said that,dogs have absolutely PERFFECTED the art of bumping the defender out of the way whilst simultaneously turning to look like theyre plating the ball…a couple of times Ryan had no chance,& Lote also got unbalanced

hes fine, idris for how crap he is in genral play has the leap on par with folau

Lote is normally very good under the high ball.

From what I have seen of his return to league, the only area Lote could improve is his ability to field kicks. Every other aspect of his game has been faultless.

Watch the replay of that try again. Lote was positioned perfectly to get a grab on it. However it always becomes more difficult for the defending team when the attacking side has momentum and can attack the ball. Lote is nice and tall and can jump, no problem there. Problem is that Idris is taller, had momentum and can jump, therefore it’s no surprise he was able to get a better jump and shot at the ball as a result.

Seriously dumb thread.

Lote is tall,has good hands and can jump.

A 6’4 bloke with all the momentum his way out jumps him and now its an issue.

What a joke.

Lote has no issues under the high ball. He got beaten by Jamal fair and square, it will happen from time to time.

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