My 2017 preview for the Knights, Rabbits and Titans.

Hi everyone.

Doing a written and Audio preview for every NRL club in 2017 as part of my coverage of Rugby League.

Below I have previewed the Knights, Rabbits and Titans.

I go though In order things like….

*2016 Review (Stats, plus what I liked and didn’t like)

  • Proper Analysis of gains and losses in the player market
  • 2017 fixture (plusses and minuses for each individual club)
  • What I like about this team for 2017
  • What I don’t like about this team for 2017
  • Overall Forecast (Where I think they will finish and why)

I would be interested to know where you guys think these clubs will finish and why? See if your views differ a whole lot to mine

I have already done a few clubs, going to be doing the Tigers and a few other clubs this week.

Here are the ones I have done already for those interested.


Written -

Audio (6 minutes) -


Witten -

Audio - (8 Minutes) -


Audio - (10 minutes) -

Good work Eddie, enjoyed your summation. Not sure I would have the Rabbits that low but you make a lot of good observations.

I had no idea the Coast had such a good draw, I can’t understand why the NRL just don’t work the draw out of where you finished the year before, but apparently clubs put forward a list of the teams they want to play twice in order to get the best gate revenue

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