Kelly Egan radio interview

Sounds like a very upbeat guy. Has a great pedigree.

Egan sounds confident that the club is heading in the right direction…speaks well and seems to be switched on in his role at the club…

or it could also have to do with his salary…that is say and do as the club asks…

He spoke well lets hope that leads to a good season

Really positive interview wasn’t it. Seems to be a natural with the media without that awkward “I don’t want to give anything away” tone.

Represents the Tigers well & I hope he gets plenty of air time moving forward for all the right reasons.

Hopefully the club has finally got its act together in the front office as one great coach quoted when the front office is right the rest will take care of itself.
The front office team seems to be in place so let’s hope this flows onto the footy teams aspirations this season, Mr Egan sounds very positive and to the point ,I did like the remark of how the Media has painted Taylor and this in any way could not be further from the truth interesting.

He sounded really positive while declining to comment on the contracts front.


Thanks for sharing.

Speaks very well.

Wish they asked him about sulli.

When I was at Wynnum the club had an affiliation with Manly and the Sea Eagles needed a centre," Egan recalled yesterday. "We had just signed Steve Matai from Ipswich and I recommended him to Des Hasler.

Well spoken. Next step for Kelly Egan will be to join Greenberg at the NRL.

He was never going to drop a bombshell or say anything outside of what has been agreed between the club key personnel.

Nice positive response that appeared sincere.

Pretty good interview actually. Spoke fairly of the coach. An actual inside person not dealing with rumours and agendas giving an insight on JT’s personality.

Dont expect any of the usual suspects to acknowledge the interview though, because there is nothing supporting the coach hatred.

What you would expect anyone in his job two weeks out from kick off. There are no negative yet to have someone pound you. The same interview in two months could be a whole lot different if we are 1 from 8 and two of the big four have signed elsewhere. Although you can only judge him on what has happen and he seem to be a upbeat sort of guy and that can not be a bad thing

I don’t really see what all the fuss is about……

Wouldn’t have expected much else … not as if he’s going to say anything too controversial or bite the hand that feeds him this early on.

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