Got to say he done good tonight. Never thought I’d say it, but did good work.
Came in and took pressure off forwards. Also played as a distributor for a while & did alright (hopefully Sheens didn;t see that bit)
Well done FItzy!

He has been good all year.

He is not an attacking genius but he isn’t supposed to be.

did nothing to justify his selection next week. got caught out in defence many times tonight left aysh and lazo in no mans land a few times

was the worst player on the filed yelled tap on Goodwin which led to the first try and yelled tap on him again later… also stood like a statue to watch the grub Ennis kick the ball for a try

I’m looking for the ‘/sarcasm’ at the end of that post…


harsh ron. Very harsh

no softlw no…. im sorry if hes gonna be picked over better performing players he has to do something other then a par game, he was ok for dummy half runs but other then that what did he do?

i thought fitzy played well tonight. made some good runs out of dummy half! he covers a lot of positions! i thought ashford and fitzy worked well in defence, in the first half they attacked down there side and never crossed the line.

he played ok, solid but nothing great.

If Daniel Fitzhenry is the BEST winger in the Wests Tigers senior and junior squads, then we are in a whole lot of trouble.

Dear Fitzhenry

when you get the ball, please run, dont just stand still.


Question…who are we gonna replace him with…that is better than a reasonable 1st grader

Think Fitzhenrys key quality is his versatity,partly because hes not actually very good at anything…?

i just love how he runs sidways at half paced and gets smashed 10 metres backwards

See my problem we have Lote Tuqiri on one wing - and Fitzhenry on another.

Fitzhenry doesn’t even belong in the same code as Tuqiri, forget the same team.

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