Tigers duo Jack Littlejohn and Kevin Naiqama sticking together as they complete carpentry course at TAFE

Tigers duo Jack Littlejohn and Kevin Naiqama sticking together as they complete carpentry course at TAFE
Tom Sangster
The Daily Telegraph

WHEN Wests Tigers playmaker Jack Littlejohn arrived for his first day of TAFE three weeks ago, he was glad to have teammate Kevin Naiqama by his side.
“It was great. There were no awkward moments on the first day where you don’t know anyone,” he says.
Littlejohn and Naiqama have started a carpentry course at Randwick TAFE, where they spend two nights a week learning the trade as they prepare for life after footy.
Not that working the tools is a foreign thing for the Wagga Wagga product.

“I like being outside and I like building things, so carpentry just made sense,” says Littlejohn.
“I’ve always worked, even when I’ve been playing full time.
“On my days off I’ll often go out and do a day of work.
“Sometimes when I’m playing NSW Cup, I’ll work the day then go to captain’s run in the afternoon.”
It’s the sort of work ethic that has Littlejohn in contention for a round one spot, with halfback Luke Brooks (hamstring) racing the clock and five-eighth Mitchell Moses (heel) also battling an injury.

Given his background in the trade, Littlejohn says he has a bit of a head start at TAFE when it comes to working the tools, but the mathematical side of the course is mostly new.
“Mondays is a lot of theory, a lot of maths, measurements and algebra,” he says.
“On Tuesdays we’re on the tools, learning how to use the hand tools, building the little projects they set us and getting assessed.”

Probably a good idea for both of them to explore options for after the careers are over as they probably won’t be playing professionally for much longer.

The carpentry course is very challenging. Intensive mathematics. Very demanding course.

Good to see players preparing for a productive life after they stop playing.This will never make headlines because it shows footballers with common sense its a pity it dosent extend to all of them.

Has the trophy cabinet got whiteanted ??

Least we can’t blame Payten for that

Good on them.
In this day and age tradies are the new millionaires. Footy wont set them up for life.

Apparently Kev got expelled for always leaving too many gaps

Kevin is an awesome guy and my opinion of Littlejohn has really changed over the past few seasons.

Have a good mate who is a die hard roosters fan and I remember back in possibly 2012 or 2013 - he was telling me about JLJ, saying he is a gun and first grade ready to step in at any time.

Taking him a while but he’s definitely, IMO - a step above NSW Cup level.

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