Wests RMC Rd. 1 v Blacktown..

Western Suburbs: 2 Jerome Mose 15 Samuelu Aiga 3 Tala (John) Mapesone 4 Joshua Davis 5 Jayden Wheelhouse 6 Kelsey Coakes 7 Brendan Waters 8 Chris Coleman 9 Jack Wheelhouse 10 Temata Rangi 11 Jaleel Seve 12 David Harris 13 Luke Williams 14 Daniel Petralia 17 Ashley Nisbet 19 Kurt Atkinson 21 Pio Sokobalava 22 Heheako Tuima Coach: Nathan Waters


A few WT part time and ISP contracted players turning out for the Magpies …good to see…

It is good to see and they should be pretty strong looking at that lineup. Hopefully the boys can roll Blacktown.

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