Haven’t seen one mention of this guy and that is a good thing. Means he did his job and gave the halves good clean ball. Well done.

He was very good, better than I expected him to be, tbh. We seem to have lots of depth at hooker now.

He was very good in the first half I thought. Got the ball away cleanly and defended well. I’d start him next week again and see how Liddle/Ballin pull up as to whether they earn a bench spot.

I thought he was really good. I’ve seen him play here and there but never really took much notice before. I though both he and MCK played well for players who haven’t historically been in the starting 17 at any of their prior clubs or at WTs.

I actually watch the game again and he hits like a truck which is rare for us

He was brilliant, did his job and let others do theirs. Liddle is something special but for now Ballin and McIlwick are what we need.

Both he and JLJ were good

JT has some good headaches once all 4 hookers are fit me thinks


Both he and JLJ were good

JT has some good headaches once all 4 hookers are fit me thinks

JLJ is a great back up player to have on the books.

I’ll put my hand up after the Dragons trial I thought McIlwrick (that’s how he spells it) was poor and wouldn’t offer much more than a backup backup…

He was great in his 1st stint outplaying his opposite number…good again when he came back on…hits like Lincoln Withers…

He certainly put some cracking shots on, and definitely fits the Taylor mould of dummy halves. If he continues to play like this I’d have no qualms keeping him on the books once Ballin retires to spell Liddle and ease in his development

yeah he was pretty good, we have some decent depth at 9

I was surprised he was replaced, he was really driving the team forward. Although JLJ also did a very good job. Least our no9 stocks are a lot stronger than many thought

Did his job well, can’t complain but the Ferrari is still sitting in the garage at home.

Played well last night.

I just feel in Liddle we have a very special player.

McIlwrick and Ballin will be fighting for the bench spot once Liddle is fit in my opinion.

He wasn’t hooker of the year in the State Cup last year for nothing. He knows his job and does it well.

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