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I agree with a previous post idris is a fair way off being match fit and doesnt need to be playing first grade to get it,should be looking at Cheekam playing 80 mins he was impressive last night,and opens up a bench spot for another Forward like JJ,edwards or Marsters.

Blind Freddy could see Idris was miles away from a starting spot for a couple of months after the last trial …I do,agree he has to play the reggies for a month or so as him being in the top grade is going to be a negative move especially against the gun sides


Felise for idris.

I really want to see Felise and out of the 4 guys on the interchange last night, Idris is probably the one to make way for him. I don’t see him being given time in reserve grade, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen if he was. And Chee Kam deserves a starting spot too after last night.

Idris needs more reggies. He is unfit and not ready at all for first grade.
JLJ was a wall in defence last night. For a little guy he can really hit. He needs a spot as a utility off the bench.

BoonBoon 2 will now ignore all of our posts…I believe he should be playing 80 in ISP as well…it’s a long season…

We were lucky last night in regards to the use of the bench as we were well in control of the game…

Way too many in game positional switches for mine…Chee-Kam playing on both sides…Naiqama switching to left wing when Suli came off…Sue and Moses ending up at centre and wing when Teddy downed a XXXX Nofoaluma going to FB…very very messy and we let Souff’s in for some soft tries…

I thought our interchange was fine… Kee Cham offers enough versatility and has the motor to rotate with both Idris and the second row, and Taylor has shown he prefers to run with 2 hookers so whether it was JLJ, Ballin or Liddle, that bench spot is what it is.

On Kev switching sides of the park, I wouldnt put it past Taylor to have made that switch once we had the game put away to try figure out who the problem in the RHS defence was. I know there are many on here who think he is a dope, but Taylor is regarded as an astute thinker by many who matter in the game. One of his faults he is crucified for is testing players out of position, so I dont think its too far a stretch.

Idris unfit is still a considerably better centre than Naquaima.
One, maybe 2, more weeks of MCK and Idris as starter/bench centre and then drop Naquaima.

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