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I was at the game, good win overall but disappointed in letting Souths back and some old mistakes still evident. Round 1 but some alarming issues still, thought I’d do a quick review.

Try 1/4

Try 1-1 – we are actually outnumbered here. Woods (1), Sue (2) and Moses (3) all looking at Farah, nobody has picked up there are 6 runners outside Farah, so it’s already the making of an overlap. The Souths runner far left ends up being an inside dummy.

Try 1-2 – They are keeping a straight line but obviously the ball is already at Moses (3) and Walker has 4 options to his left. So it’s already a 4-on-2 just because Sue (1) got too interested in the Farah run with a dummy and is now sliding.

Try 1-3 – Sue (1) has arrived too late, the ball is already out between Frozone and Moses, both Moses and Naiqama are watching the ball carrier (Sutton?) Look at Nofo (4) he’s already planted his feet, he’s not moving anywhere.

Try 1-4 – Moses (1) has put a hit on Sutton and Frozone (2) takes the Souths centre, Inglis gets the ball out the back and Nofo hasn’t moved forward or across, he is standing exactly where he was in Try 1-3.

Try 1-5 – Goodwin gets the ball, look at the Souths players they’ve made zero forward momentum until this point, it’s all side movement but the Tigers have not slid at all since making the original error in Try 1-1 when they let themselves get 6-on-4.

I might end up doing this regularly, so in this situation I award Sue 1.0 SUU (stuff up units), Moses 0.5 SUU, Frozone 0.5 SUU and Nofo 0.5 SUU. They all should have counted up and slid when the inner players got drawn, but Sue never should have been so close to Woods in the first place. Nofo ends up being in a bad position but I don’t like how he stands on the spot when his inside men have decided to take runners. Frozone and Moses mucked up but Nofo did nothing to alleviate.

Try 3-1 - this is a classic centre defensive fail but it’s MCK, not Frozone. Sue (1) is not up in the line, this is a bad start, but it’s still 4-on-4. Moses (2) is eyeballing Sutton I think it is, but that’s Sue’s man, he should be standing another step or two right.

Try 3-2 – Moses makes a play on Sutton (1), Sue is out the back and should have been further into the line, so Moses didn’t get nervous and jam in. At the same time though, MCK doesn’t need to come charging in on Souths #4, Moses has clear and easy right shoulder on that player.

Try 3-3 – the wrap works, Nofo (1) was previously holding a kick defence, i.e. did not come in with his centre, and by the time he works out that MCK has bought the dummy run, he’s come half in and half forward, no effect.

This is an appalling try, they just got lazy and MCK made the big mistake, though Moses and Sue contributed. This is a lack of faith in your inside man.

Sue gets 0.5 SUU, Moses 1.0 SUU, MCK 2.0 SUU.

Tally now
MCK 2.0
Moses 1.5
Sue 1.5
Frozone 0.5
Nofo 0.5

Add in Idris and Suli not paying attention for the Inglis try, they get 1.0 SUU each as well.

If Kev ignores the decoy they would have continued to slide in my opinion , no guarantees they prevent the try of course , but far better chance of Nofoaluma getting a shot on Goodwin

The head ons tell the picture far better

Try 4-1 - This is a fairly tired try. Tigers actually mucked up the previous play, but the Souths pass found the deck and Talakai ended up having to run back in-field. MCK misread the play but ended up affecting the tackle. Issue is he’s 20 metres in-field and the RH defence is a shambles as the PTB starts.

Try 4-2 – It’s a 2-on-3 here. The RH defenders look a little nervous because the space behind the ruck is fairly wide and Souths have 3 players at the ruck pushing through. Even so, it’s still 3-on-2.

Try 4-3 – (1) is JLJ and Sue bunched together. In Try 4-2 at least they are in a straight line, but in 4-3 Moses has actually taken a step backwards and Sue has come up and in. At this point he’s still outside his opposite, and obviously does not defend centre, but he’s about to have a move put on by John Sutton, who for some very nice footwork is a pretty slow footballer.

Try 4-4 - Sue (1) has been beaten but he’s still got body position to suggest he’s a chance of a tackle. JLJ hasn’t really pushed across, he should have given the numbers we had, but worst is that Moses (2) in all this is still standing on the 11 metre spot. He doesn’t back off at all to allow Sue a chance on Sutton (1), even though he can see two Tigers cover and Nofo out the back really should be yelling instructions at this point.

Try 4-5 – Moses (2) somehow finds himself between the Souths players, he’s left enough touchline for Goodwin and Sue (1) does appear to be tackling Sutton.

IMO here Sue gets beaten but he is a forward, it’s not totally surprising. He gets 1.0 SUU for letting the play happen. But Moses gets 1.5 SUU here, he doesn’t come forward with his line of defenders, he doesn’t back off at all to give Sue a chance to cover, I mean they are 15 m out from the line when Sue gets stepped, there is space to recover. And then he hangs off enough to try a sort of half-hearted intercept, Goodwin only has about 2 m of sideline to work with, but he makes it count.

So game-end tally:
Moses 3.0
Sue 2.5
MCK 2.0
Idris 1.0
Suli 1.0
Frozone 0.5
Nofo 0.5

So interestingly for all the talk of RHS errors, the bulk of the mistakes (in my opinion of course) don’t come from Naiqama or Nofo, which is how I half remembered it to be (I was there but Homebush has some distant views).

My opinion is that the issues start with the bad judgements of Moses and Sue, who had a habit of picking up the wrong runners and putting their outside men under pressure. Don’t get me wrong, Nofo and Frozone have loads of defensive errors in them, but there were some really bad defensive decisions and Moses isn’t just about missing tackles, it’s also the bad tackles or reads he makes that can be a problem.

Quick fix is keep a straight line for God’s sake. Too many jagged defensive shapes on the RHS. Second quick fix is they have to count better, and once they count they have to be able to slide. You can’t hold your position when there is an overlap, and if you rush you all have to come in together to cut the space down. The winger in all these tries doesn’t do much to help the situation (lots of flat-footed decisions), but I couldn’t be blaming him much overall.


The head ons tell the picture far better

Thanks for pointing out, I didn’t look into the replays, just the live coverage.

Try1-2a - shows where the overlap sticks, Moses, Frozone and Nofo are all counting out-in but Sue has to cover two players.

You get to Try1-3a and none of the outside 3 appear to have picked up Inglis, they are still fixated their original opposite. IMO they should have slide as soon as they counted up the error, because Moses in Try1-3a is about to hit the distributor, who Sue could have come across on.

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