Why we won't win a comp 2.0

I normally just read everything you guys jibber about,
but after tonight, this maybe the alcohol talking,
we need another fairytale run to win a comp.

Galloway can’t miss another round,
without go forward, we didn’t really threaten.

We need to find a halfback pronto,
Lazarus, while not embarrassing didn’t do much,
alot like Lui,
but how many games have we won with him at halfback.
Moltzen is the only one who has run the ball with any gusto in the 7.

Our forwards defended their backsides off tonight,
but at the end of the day,
you need you to score points to win.

I am happy with our improved defence,
but without a platform,
Benji & Farah are useless,
I thought 40-0 might have been the scoreline after the dogs scored first in the second half,
but anyway 24-6 was flattering,
we were totally out played.

Time for bed.

another 18 rounds to go (minus 2 byes),
please prove me wrong Tigers,


Time for bed.

Probably a good idea….

Cant disagree with any of it….all valid points

some very good points you raised indeed. the bulldogs were just hungrier today - they were more desperate - dont worry - Wests will bounce back.

Maxwell and his mate cost us any real chance in the 1st half.Their was no petrol in the tank come the second half, so we decided to try and play razzle dazzle football with no structure or pattern thinking Benji was going to pull a rabbit out of the hat. One of those games where they dug themself into a big hole. Really the dogs were pretty average so it shows how bad we were, but you are going to have days like this.

I agree, the Dogs were average,
any decent side would have put them to bed,
but without go foward we are done & dusted.

24-4 was the scoreline just to correct, cant believe Benji missed that kick,
I didn’t even look, thought it was 2 points.

I cant see us winnig a premiership with Lazarus or Lui at halfback either TBH. I just hope that Arana can step up otherwise our season might have ended with Moltzens injury.

What a crock of #@%$

Lazarus has played one game and the whole theam were fatigued by the time they got to see any decent ball, give the kid a chance for crying out loud, was the first time since August 2009 we had been held to less than 4 tries, with that amount of ball and the defensive effort required 13 other sides in this comp would have been gone by halftime and blown of the park in the second half, and in the end despite all that ball our opponents had they still needed kicks to get across the line for 3 of their tries, and two of those in the final 5 minutes when we had nothing left in the tank.

I agree with one of those points - we simply can’t win without Galloway.

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