We will lose by 50

Canberra will monster Us and this will be embarrassing. Having lost the first two they will be salivating at playing a weaker team like the Tigers. If we get within fifty points next week then a good result. Canberra will destroy this team

Then we take on the Storm the week after. Tough fortnight coming up.

and then the dragons who have the potential to give us a hiding…

I sense many TV’s could be off by the 30 minute mark next week…this could be messy.

I wouldn’t watch at all…

We never lose by 50 when we think we will.
They’ll keep that for a surprise later on in the season.

Canberra are giving us 5.5 points start at footy tab. Boys and girls if you ever wanted to be rich here is your chance. I wouldn’t back the Tigers even if someone gave me twenty start vs the raiders . They destroyed us last year. I am worried what is going to happen next week. Love the Tigers but this could be a shallacking

Taylor will have them motivated and firing……


Taylor will have them motivated and firing……

Well JT sounded very confident in the press conference that Moses & Beooks will bounce back against isn’t the Raiders. If they can reproduce their performance against Souths then we might be in with a shot. We know Canberra are beatable and you never know the outcome of games in the NRL or you would be tipping 8/8 every week. So if our forwards can get some momentum and we can make the most of our chances don’t write us off.

I am going to regret this but I will tip us to upset the Raiders

I dont care if we lose by 50 if the players we send out try 100%. But this does not seem to be the case across the park.

I like how when we play a team coming off a 50 point hiding it’s all doom and gloom because we know they will fire up. Yet when we get smacked, it’s only going to get worse.

Oh we are going to get destroyed next week, unless we don’t get destroyed.

I don’t know why people think teams that get lapped one week necessarily come out and play well the next week. There’s no proven pattern or logic to that, Newcastle got continuously lapped last year. And then if you say it only works for good sides, well where do you draw the line, which teams fire up after a bad loss? About half of them? Sounds about right.

Let’s hope Joey Leilua is out injured, that should cut it back to a 40 point loss

If Kev is dropped that will cut it back to 30

I wouldn’t be surprised if we go ok next week, we are capable of lifting for a few games through a season.
But We don’t have the Coach/Ability/ Attitude/Players to do it on a regular basis. I’m not saying we’ll win, but we may not cave in so badly.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we jag the win against Canberra.

We’re more likely to lose by 50 to Newcastle or the Titans.

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