Club finances and our depth

One day I imagine this will all come out but the lack of depth we have in our club is a bit surprising. How we were over the salary cap is beyond me. Anyone else puzzled by this?

I think about it and 1) we’re paying a lot of money for Farah to be elsewhere and 2) we’re also paying Sironen to be at Manly. In that sense, we’re actually down two first grade players for this season, both physically and financially. How was this ever considered a sound plan?

Our ISP team is full of NYC forwards and I’m not surprised they’re getting flogged so far. In seasons past we’d play some of Paseka, Tatola, Sironen, Felise and Marsters but definitely not all of them in the same team.

No one seems to have much clue who most of our NYC team are and that’s because in year’s past half these blokes wouldn’t have got a look in as we had more ISP depth.

I’m reasonably happy with our starting first grade team but if we get any injuries it doesn’t look good. That we’re looking at playing Idris in the centres says it all about our depth in that position not to mention how desperate we were for cheap contracts.

There is a perception that 2018 will be our break out year but I am wondering how this would come about. For example, when does the cash for the new 2018 CAP become available? Is it possible for the club to make signings during 2017 for new players to start playing for the club in 2018 based on the fact that they would be paid from 2018 CAP payments? If Wests Tigers are not allowed to do this they will not be able to sign new players in time for them playing in 2018 and the club would be set for another dismal season in 2018.

@krayola - you raise some pretty good questions.

It looks like the board has been asleep at the wheel more often than not.

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