3 games in 12 days

I don’t want this to sound like an excuse because I was actually going to post it even if we won.

To play 3 games in the space of 12 days in my opinion is a massive ask of any team, especially when they have to get from Canberra to Townsville and prepare for a Friday night game v Bulldogs.

I know that all teams have to do this a different stages of the season but most wont have to do it with that amount of travel involved. The team really looked gone early in that 2nd half, completely struggling for enthusiasm. When they already had injured players, a full weeks preparation would really have helped.

Meanwhile the Dragons played their 6th straight Friday game tonight. The NRL and Channel 9 really need to look at the fairness of the game selections on all teams.

Was 3 in 13 days, I think you will find. Canberra game on a Sunday, Cowboys on Saturday and Dogs tonight makes 13 days.
We actually had a quicker turnaround for the 3 three rounds. That was 3 games in 12 days. Monday round 1, Sunday round 2 and Friday round 3.
I think it was more the amount of defence over the last two weeks. All the travelling wouldn’t have helped and new players. We were flat in the last 15 when we had a sniff. No petrol in the tank.
But we have 8 days at home till the next game

Thats why i put my dough on the dogs we had come off two tough away wins and lost our second halfback, our best prop and our best ball playing second rower.
Bulldogs were overdue for a win we were due for a loss.
But our defence has given me great confidence in this team this year, the scoreline didn’t reflect the game at all and our defence throughout was outstanding which isn’t something you can say about the Tigers even when we win. In saying that i think that game has really drained us and we will suffer a few losses in a row now until we get our halfback problem solved.

Agree 100% as soon as control of the games is taken away from nine and fox the better

all teams during the season will have quick turn arounds at some time.
would like to see no monday night footy at all, and only one game fri nights.
have games on sat at 3pm, 5pm and two at 7pm.
on sunday 2pm, and remainders at 3pm.

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