Tiger Talk - My 5 Biggest Talking Points Surrounding the Wests Tigers Right Now

Audio Clip - http://www.eye-of-the-tiger.org/everything/2017/3/14/tiger-talk-my-5-biggest-talking-points-surrounding-the-wests-tigers-after-2-rounds

Hi Tigers fans,

In the audio clip I discuss

1. Tim Simona (Some thoughts as a fan, plus some thoughts on Simona himself)

2. The Culture at the Wests Tigers (in relation to recent headlines)

3. Performances in the First 2 Rounds (Including Luke Brook’s future/ Problems in the side at the minute)

4. Biggest Positives So Far in 2017

5. A look ahead to the next 2 games and how I think things might pan out.

Hope you enjoy listening. Keen to know all your thoughts around all 5 talking points.

Good talk Eddie, pretty much agree with everything you covered in that. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Eddie good summaries on your chosen topics.
Just on the club’s welfare program, I can’t help but feel that the boys club is well and kicking. Whatarua and Halatau as welfare officers? Really? Give me a break.

The Panthers game convinced me that we are same-o, same-o. Our “rookie” halves aren’t any better after a few years each in first grade. And here I thought you only had one rookie year.

I think Pascoe is doing a good job but changing a club culture isn’t restricted to the playing roster. It’s the entire organisation.

I don’t think we have a win in us for quite a few weeks.

JT is gone.

We will only sign 2 of the ‘big 4’ but that’s ok. Our pack is ordinary and so are our outside backs. We won’t get an experienced coach after JT because they will all ask for new players to come in with them. We don’t have the money.

I look at the Broncos and only last week McCullough was going on the open market to test his worth - yesterday he signed a new contract. On twitter Gus Gould said that the Broncos had $2M in third party deals available. Even comp? Pull the other one.

We are perrenial bottom feeders

Nuff said

Always a pleasure to your articulation, and agree on a bit.

Loving your stuff Eddie, hard to disagree with any of that. Perhaps you should consider a career in sports media? God knows you make more sense than most of the journalistic hacks spouting their crap these days!

Bloody good job. Nothing easy about announcing solo for 15 minutes!

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