Referees: Matt Cecchin, Alan Shortall
Sideline Officials: Kasey Badger, Jason Walsh
Video Referees: Bernard Sutton, Luke Patten

Chicken Legs… :bash

Look it wouldn’t probably wouldn’t matter if we had Liam Fulton and John Skandallis reffing with Dene Halatau and Paul Whatuira as touchies and Marina Go and JT in the bunker

Not a bad bunch…however I just saw that cheat!!//!! B Sutton in the bunker

Cecchin is one of the better refs, but is still average at best. He gets sucked in by simple milking of penalties and does not keep a good ten at all. Not keeping a good ten normally hurts us, but against a big forward pack where they can build up steam, that would be a good thing.

Can’t be any worse than last week.
…… so I thought until I read maxx86 post.
Sutton in the bunker. Pray we don’t go there.

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