We will win it

  • The Tigers will win this game they will get them in the last 20 minutes Man of Match Moses Teddy close second

  • I started a thread like this at the exact same time last year, it marked the start of our 7 game losing streak lol.

  • Powerball: 6, 23, 25, 30, 33,39 - 4

  • Nothing wrong with a positive thread - good on you Regan

  • I like it, I like it a lot.

  • Just after hearing what Gallen said about the Raiders how they are way underdone when the sharks played them they are about 4-5 weeks behind other teams Ricky wants them fresh as possible at the end of the year we will run them down

  • Depends on what you say we’re going to win…I think we will win the missed tackle count, penalties conceded, error count and probably tackle count. So we can be winners I suppose on Sunday.

  • When wests tigers play to the best of their ability, and get beaten by a better team on the day, I don’t like it, but something have to learn to accept.
    When wests tigers have a bad game it’s like watching a train wreck in front of your eyes, you know that your helpless in anyway to stop it happening, and wary of the result.

    In saying that, I’m always hoping for a score of
    wests tiger 25
    raiders 18.

    will this ever happen I just don’t know 😒 😆

  • A underdone Raiders team will not put 60 on us, but mid 30’s or more will be a likely score line. We will be done and dusted by 1.2 time

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    I like this pick the score thread better.

    Mighty Wests Tigers 24
    Wicky’s Waiders 18

    FTS Tedesco
    LTS Suli

    MOTM Woods

    Crowd 18779 all going home with the Clap…

  • Wamber Waiders 22
    Wests Tigers 42

    FTS Nofoaluma
    LTS Garlic Mayo

    MOM Luke Brooks

  • Banned


    Wamber Waiders 22
    Wests Tigers 42

    FTS Nofoaluma
    LTS Garlic Mayo

    MOM Luke Brooks

    I will shout you two cases of beer if Luke wins MOM

  • i don’t know what some people on this thread are on… but i hope Simona didn’t supply it.

  • I’m sure even an underdone Raiders team will be able to catch their breath every time we line up behind our goal posts. Similar to the Panthers bouncing back from a heavy defeat in Round 1, the Raiders will come out fired up given that they have yet to record a win!! I do like a positive thread but cannot see the Tigers winning this one, even though I will be cheering them on!!

  • My hopes lie with the fact we have won the last 3 day games at GIO Stadium

    Ok I’ll try to be Mr Positive

    Wests Tigers 39 Tedesco 2 Nofoaluma Suli Moses Lawrence Taylor tries Moses 5/7 Brooks field goal defeat Raiders 38 Luilea 4 Croker 2 Hodgson tries Croker 5/8

    FTS Suli

    LTS E Taylor

    MOTM Moses

    HT 18 all

    Turning Point Tigers down 38-26 with 11 minutes left burn the Faiders with 2 magical tries Tedesco burns Wighton for speed in 40 metre match race and then in a 19 player passing movement from the next set of 6 with Taylor finishing it off in the other corner (winning the try of the season award )both converted from the sideline by Moses and with 3 left Brooks kicks a 40 metre FG to hand us the lead

    Canberra get a penalty 45 metres out with 30 seconds left and Croker shaves the right post to miss the attempt

    Wins the award for the game of the year

    And while this all goes on I’ll be at work

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