Come For A Run On Canberra Stadium

Come for a run on Canberra Stadium
Thursday, July 23, 2009
The Canberra Raiders and Canberra Stadium are giving fans the chance to have a run on the Raiders home ground this weekend, following the Raiders v Tigers match on Sunday afternoon.

In a unique opportunity, fans will be invited onto Canberra Stadium at the end of the match, so they can have the chance to emulate their favourite players on the famous turf of Canberra Stadium.

After the match concludes anyone who wishes to come onto the ground will be asked to assemble in the South West tunnel of Canberra Stadium and wait for the second siren to come onto the ground. Fans will then have the chance to kick goals, score a try or even snap a last minute field goal.

Raiders forward Troy Thompson said he remembers when he was younger and being able to go onto the ground after the game had finished and said he encouraged a big crowd to get to the game Sunday for this rare chance.

“Its great that fans get the chance to have a run on the ground after the game and hopefully we see plenty of people out there,” Thompson said. “I remember when you used to be able to sit on the grass at Bruce Stadium and watch the games so it’s just like the old days.”

doesnt quiet have the nostalgia connected to it. when in rome……

Look as it as an opportunity to get feeling back in your legs before you go home

you’re not wrong there Sir.

Good for weeing on, nothing more.

Let’s hope they get the Refs off on time. Tony Archer is one of them after all

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