Aaron Woods - Signs with Bulldogs 2018 - Sharks 2018 [Official]..





Ye going for the worriors as well.

I find it very interesting that when our team isn’t playing in the finals most of us would rather support a team from a whole other country than any of the Australian sides left playing in the 8. What makes the Warriors so appealing anyway?

I would’ve been supporting Penrith hands down before they dragged us into their coaching dramas. It left an ugly taste, so I’m not as keen on them winning the comp now, mainly because of Gould, tbh.

Hate teams that run roughshod over other teams in the player market so they can buy a comp, so that rules out the Roosters, Broncos & Sharks for me. Souths don’t really bother me, but the media gushing if they win the comp will - pride of the league and all that crap 😒 . Same with Melbourne - Billy and Cammy stories ad nauseum 🤢 No thanks!

So that leaves just Saints and the Warriors. I honestly don’t mind Saints and I like their coach. I just don’t see them lasting past this weekend on current form, but stranger things have happened. I’ll support them this week and if they fall then like most others here I’ll be on the Warriors.!

So why do we want to support a team from a whole other country? Through the process of elimination I guess I just answered my own question 😆

From my point of view Spud i detest all the other Sydney teams i started following football when it was a Sydney competition.The only Sydney teams i had any time for where Norths Newtown and the Magpies(I was a Balmain Tiger supporter)because like us they where battlers.When it comes to out of town teams only the Warriors Cows and Knights are acceptable.
Warriors hopefully to win

Pretty well same for me, though the old chocolate soldiers were okay and because my junior club wore the dragons gear, they got a little leeway.

Would not have a clue about how Woods is going, as I don’t watch the sharks unless they are playing WT.


Local derbies are almost always the most heated contests, and as someone else said, I don’t really know Warriors fans who will get big headed / stick it to me if they win, whereas that isn’t true for the other Sydney clubs.

Also, apart from all of this, I recognise that a Warriors GF win would be a really big shot in the arm for NZ rugby league, which is always the poor cousin to union. However as a mad union/league country, towards one or other depending on the region, NZ is ripe for continued expansion and code development. NZ rugby clubs will never be able to match NRL clubs dollar for dollar (they spend something like NZD 4M per season), and it’s mainly the lure of All Blacks / World Cup and much higher pays for elite-level footballers that drives the preference towards Union for players.

The only hesitation that I have with the Warriors is the slight hangover from the super league debacle, when as new teams, they and the cows went with the Murdoch/Ribot circus. The bulldogs and panthers etc will never be forgiven.

Conversely, a Bledisloe win would be a long overdue shot in the arm for union here.

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