Scott Logan

I know he is getting old and all, however after watching him for the last couple of weeks (and again tonight he was the best in a beaten Raiders side against Roosters), i truly believe he is the kid of player we need at Wests Tigers at least for 1-2 years as our next crop of props develop.

I have been really impressed with his performances this season. He is tough, has a good offload, can bend a line backwards, plays good mins for a guy his size, plays in a team that like to throw the ball around and he has experience that would be invaluable to our younger guys coming through.

I have no doubt that we have some of the finest young props on our roster in the NRL in Andrew Fifita, Aaron Woods, David Fifita, Ben Murdoch (although i think he will end up in the backrow), Issac Lui, Vaha Pulu.

Add these guys to our current crop who are around for a few more seasons in Galloway and Gibbs, plus those here next year in Cayless, Payten and Tupou and i think we have some good prospects and depth.

The thing is the young guys are still probably 1-2 years off being able to mix it week in week out with the NRL props. It is clear that props mature later and play their best footy later in their careers and Scott Logan could be the kind of player to bring them through.

I believe he is off contract at the end of the season (was only given a one-year extension at Raiders for 2010). I cannot confirm this and would be happy for someone to tell me otherwise, however he would be someone o would definately entertain. We are not that far away from the perfect balanced side and i think a mature, experienced prop is the way to go over an up and coming prop as we already have plenty of these.

I know i may cop some grief for this suggestion, however i welcome your thoughts?

I’d rather ben Cross

But Ive been making a lot of noise for props, probably more than anyone in recent years, think we need a kicker gen play/goals more importnatly, but thats another thread

I think Logan would only be a small $$$ player - probably under 100k. Value for money if you ask me!

Given this i would rather him over Cross (200k +) who i think for a big bloke gets bashed around way too much - doesn’t impose himself anywhere near enough and Lima (250k+) who whilst would be good, not sure he has that many good years left and would be on big $ and wouldn’t provide the leadership that Logan would.

Cross,Logan,Simpson are all well into their 30s,& I think weve learnt the lesson about buying burnt out prop forwards.They just get belted & are injury prone,altho Logan is probably the oldest of the lot yet most durable…?
As for Lima,& Ive watched a fair bit of him over past 18 months,Im just unconvinced that hes anything special for the $250k+ asking price he wld command.Not sure he wld get a slot in first 13.
Ryan tandy…No star peformer,but he doesnt look too bad at Storm,& certainly has some size about him.Whatever happened when he was playing with us…or is it simply Bellamys "magic touch"yet again?

We should try to get some better props first. The Storm have a few and I don’t think they will be able to keep them all.

No way in the world would I go for Logan. I’d be chasing Tolman and Lima from the Storm, although Lima is tipped to end up in either Canberra or the Bulldogs at this stage.

Agree with Willow/Alien. The storm is going to have the best targets. Here’s hoping the Tigers are securing either Lima or Tolman right now for a mid season transfer!

Surely we must have some cash/cap left if we had a pre-season deal for Lima that fell through… unless the offer to Lote was raised.

Exit stage left: News Ltd demands Storm player sale
April 28, 2010

SHATTERED Storm players were last night told by News Ltd boss John Hartigan that several would have to leave the club to enable Melbourne to comply with the salary cap next season, sparking a likely bidding war for the Storm’s four biggest names - Greg Inglis, Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk.

Despite confirmation yesterday that the majority of the Storm’s $700,000 breach for this season related to the underwriting of third-party deals, the Storm’s stars will not be able to simply remove the guarantee from their contracts.

As a result, deals such as Smith’s $100,000 arrangement with Fox Sports will continue to be counted as part of the Storm’s $4.1 million salary cap for the remaining three seasons of his current contract with the club.

Slater and Inglis are believed to have similar guarantees, which reduce the amount of money the Storm can spend on other players if they are included under the salary cap. NRL chief executive David Gallop said the guarantees were considered the same as payments made by the Storm, even though the money came from broadcasters or sponsors for services provided by the players.

‘‘Third-party agreements underwritten by Melbourne Storm for X amount of dollars are the same as cash, and it is irrelevant whether it is salary or an underwrite,’’ Gallop said.

‘‘If there is a signed agreement to say you will receive $100,000 from XYZ broadcasting that is underwritten by the Melbourne Storm if circumstances change, that is the same as receiving $100,000 in salary.’’

With many of the Storm players’ contracts back-ended so they receive more money next season, the club needs to make savings of more than $1m to compete in the 2011 premiership.

Pay cuts have been ruled out, as the amount needed to be trimmed off the club’s wage bill would require players to reduce their income by about 20 per cent across the board - a figure too high for those with mortgages and families to seriously contemplate.

However, the Storm have a handful of players on the minimum wage of $55,000 who would be unable to accept a reduction in pay under the collective bargaining agreement between the NRL and RLPA - meaning the remainder of the 25-man squad would have to take even bigger cuts to their income.

‘‘What we have said thus far is that pay cuts don’t solve their 2010 problems and may not solve their 2011 problems,’’ Gallop said.

He added that altering contracts to enable the players to remain at the Storm under the salary cap was also unfair to other clubs who had been unable to compete fairly for their services.

‘‘The problem with pay cuts is that they ignore the amount that was used to take that player out of the market,’’ Gallop said. RLPA boss David Garnsey and some player agents contacted by the Herald suggested the players with third-party guarantees could remove them from their contracts to help the club.

But Gallop said: ‘‘That is tantamount to a pay cut.’’

Hartigan said a large portion of the Storm’s breach for this season was the third-party guarantees.

Stars such as Aiden Tolman and Brett Finch are off contract, while Jeff Lima has been offered a release, but Hartigan said others would have to go.

Aiden Tolman. Hands down.

He, and Keith Galloway are 2 forwards you can build a pack around.


Aiden Tolman. Hands down.

He, and Keith Galloway are 2 forwards you can build a pack around.

I wouldn’t say that about either of them yet. Tolman has been solid in a illegitimate side and Galloway gets injured every month.

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