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  • @WT2K was my thinking as well. The winning culture being Melbourne may be favourable to Madge too.

  • I think some people are underrating Mbye massively, which I think we’ll see before the end of the season. People have short memories as he was great for us last year.

    He’s obviously not 100%, and a bit out of sync with the rest of the team. IMO he’ll back to his best in a few weeks.

  • @weststigerman I’m hoping the long break from our last game is exactly what he needed to get his knee right

  • Blair daydreaming

  • @weststigerman I note you are back onboard without the 1

    And yes, Mbye is copping m noire than he deserves, but that’s nothing new on here.

  • @formerguest people quickly forget he was one of our best after he came on board last year.

  • The amount of time that gets wasted debating pointless things on this forum is ridiculous. Whether you are a fan of Mbye or not, he’s not going to be moved on at the end of the year. Just like the Brooks rubbish a couple weeks ago. We’ve invested in our spine for the next several years. It’s going to be Mbye/Grub/Brooks, with the jury still out on the hooker. Who play number 9 is the real topic of conversation, not fullback when our current fullback is signed for 4 years and happens to be the club captain. It’s unfortunate that Gutho didn’t come off contract a year or two earlier, he’d be a great pick up. But there’s only so much you can spend on your spine, and I would guess we are pretty much at our limit.

  • @GNR4LIFE It is heartening that someone still thinks that contracts mean something in sport these days .

  • If Mbye is playing with an injury this could account for his pretty lack-lustre performances- but as someone has eluded to we won’t be getting another F/B

  • @Snake They don’t. But it’s delusional to think that 2 players, 1 who just signed a 5 year contract extension, and the other a 4 year contract, and appointed captain to boot, are suddenly going to be moved on. Not because they have contracts, but because of the regard in which the club obviously holds them. And the club’s opinion is not going to change less than 6 months later. Feel free to join the rest of us in reality at your own convenience.

  • Everyone is on Moses Mbye back but he is in the top 5 in “player in support” for the NRL and has a game in hand to the 4 above him… If you watch him he is supporting all a time but doesn’t get the ball as i think the players have been instructed to NOT push the pass. Once the confidence is up I believe they will start using him more in the middle… Plus add his organising the defence at the back… He is not the quickest but give him a chance.

  • @hsvjones It is those 1% plays which are so important to a succesful team

  • Wests Tigers are becoming a very settled team.

  • In regards to Mbye you are only as good as your last game

    Last season means jack at this stage and the fullback position is so important in the modern game

    If he is struggling with injury …rest him for two weeks and get him right

  • I don’t think Mbye was ever as good as people are saying. He averaged 110 metres per game with 6 tries and 7 try assists. Not great as last line of defence either. I’m comparison Teddy ran for 180 metres 9 try’s and 16 try assists.

    Obviously Teddy’s a freak but some are alluring g to the fact Mbye was world class last year. He is at best a solid fullback.

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