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Stimson would easily walk into our back row. Better than everyone we’ve got bar Matto by a long way.

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@TheDaBoss I assume you have not been watching our team play… Stimson comes from a well drilled team on top of the ladder and would fit in our 17 every day of the week… DWZ would be a no brainer as well - I cannot see how you would not want a current international in our back 5 over Jennings, Mov, etc… Dreaming

@tigerap said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@swag_tiger They are one of the same.

Tony Adams is not the Lurker…

Adams is the Mole, Ritchie is the lurker…

@TheDaBoss we dogged a bullet with that potential signing.

Don’t take it as a given but I got some chatter that WT have spoken to Marsters brother who plays with the Dragons. Can play fullback, centre and wing and is a better goal kicker than Esan.
From what I saw from him he is a reasonably good young player and only 19.

@momo_amp_medo btw its his cousin not brother… and yes that has been mentioned on here by THE POM recently as someone we are targeting but not yet inquired about.

Time to close this thread …Wazza is back

@851 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Manly ready to offer the Turbo brothers $10 million dollars for 5 years, plus they have DCE on over 1million a year, must of borrowed the roosters accountant for this to work with the other players they have.

Its simple

Kick manly out, and we take trojevic and taupau


So they’ll have 3 players on a million each
How does that work having 3 players on 1 million each of your 10 million in salary cap ?

@westy81 who cares what ot does mean though is they will struggle to retain others and we should be thinking of who we can steal. Taupau, Fonua- Blake, one of the centres - Walker, Suli or mayby Brad Parker who kicks goals and their hookers

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