Farah still confident on Origin..

Farah still confident on Origin

Martin Gabor Tue 11 Apr, 2017, 1:30pm
By Martin Gabor, National Correspondent‌‌, ‌‌‌NRL.com
Farah still confident on Origin
Rabbitohs hooker Robbie Farah. Credit: Chris Lane. Copyright: NRL Photos.
Veteran New South Wales Blues hooker Robbie Farah isn’t concerned that his recent move from the starting side to the bench will affect his chances of featuring in this year’s State of Origin series.

The 33-year-old played 80 minutes in the Round 1 loss to the Wests Tigers, but has been restricted to 51, 48, 49, 7 and 38 minutes since then, with Farah starting the last two games from the bench and Damien Cook promoted to the run-on side.

“That’s not for me to worry about. State of Origin is obviously a while away yet and for me it’s about doing my job here and what’s required of me here at South Sydney,” Farah told media at Redfern Oval on Tuesday morning.

“When Origin comes around, I’m sure if I’m playing good footy then my name will be up there in contention. I guess Laurie (Blues coach Laurie Daley) and the selectors know that from the job that I’ve done in the past – they know what to expect of me.”

Despite only playing 80 minutes in four of his nine club games in 2016, Farah was on the field for every second of last year’s Origin series and is confident he can do it again if called upon now that his back injury has settled down.

“I think I can still push out 80 minutes,” he said.

"Obviously it’s not as easy as it used to be, but if push came to shove – or if something happened in a game where say ‘Cooky’ went down – [then I’d be comfortable to play the 80 minutes]. He had to do it in Townsville when I only played five minutes and he got through that, so if it was required then I’d be able to do it.

"It’s not foreign to me – I’ve had back issues right through my career.

“It’s been really good for the last few years but unfortunately two weeks back it flared up in the trip up to Townsville. It’s nothing foreign to me and it just needed some time to settle down and now it’s fine.”

Farah admitted it was natural for him to want to reclaim his No.9 jersey at club level, but said he also enjoyed the new role set for him by Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire.

“Anyone wants to start the game, but I’m still playing the same minutes that I was at the start of the year,” he said.

"I’m still playing 40-50 minutes which seems to be working really well and it’s something that I’m enjoying. Whatever way Madge decides to use the both of us for the benefit of the team, well then that’s what we’re here to do.

“Cooky and I have been training together and working really hard together on that combination. Madge has been mixing things up with the way he’s using us and it seems to be working pretty well and it’s something that can hopefully evolve as the season goes on.”


Farah confident on Origin?

I’m not confident on Farah keeping his spot in 1st Grade at Souffs!

Damien Cook is so much better than Farah right now it’s criminal he’s even getting minutes….

Damien Cook should be the SoO hooker based on current form. Farah is a great player but I think it’s time to have a new hooker and a new coach… not sure who is eligible to coach them… I think Laurie Daley had his time.

I’ll give him top marks for optimism.

Interesting one though, there’s no obvious replacement, nobody pressing their claim hard.

Id have Wallace at 9. Both young Tigers hookers are ahead of Robbie

April 11, 2017 1:33pm

Farah is confident his recent back injury isn’t an aggravation of a previous issue and that it won’t keep him from fighting to keep his NSW State of Origin jersey.

Farah also insists he has embraced his new role off the bench for the Rabbitohs and is determined on building his hooking partnership with Damien Cook. “Cookie and I are working closely together to really improve, or evolve that combination that we have. He’s been going great guns, he’s been training the house down,” Farah told AAP.

“In terms of my playing minutes, it hasn’t changed. I was playing 40-50 minutes, even when I was starting. And now I’m coming off the bench and playing the same. It’s not an issue.

“We’re just both out there to do our job for the team. It’s working well.” The former Wests Tigers captain came through unscathed after playing 37 minutes in the Rabbitohs’ 21-20 win over the Panthers, despite being in doubt all week with a back injury.

Farah, who underwent major back surgery in 2008, said he had been in severe pain all week after lasting just five minutes the previous week against North Queensland.

Should Loz dump FarahShould Loz dump Farah2:05
“I had back surgery about eight years ago, so it’s always been a bit of an issue. But I’ve always managed it well. Every now and again I have a bit of a flare-up,” he said.

“I had no issues with it right through pre-season, or in the last couple of years to be honest. But probably a bit of the travel. It was a long flight up there with the delays, because of the floods.

“We stopped over in Brisbane and got delayed, it took us 6-7 hours to get to Townsville.

“Copped a hit my first run I took, and then threw a pass from dummy half and it was like someone shot me in the back. I was in a fair bit of pain for a good 3-4 days.” Farah admitted he felt for rookie Cameron Murray, who was on standby to play on Friday.

“An 18-year-old who’s been training the house down and he’s a future first- grader. I felt sorry I cost him his debut, but I’m sure he’ll get a game very soon,” Farah said.

The health - and form - of the incumbent Blues vice-captain has been a hot topic over the past week as anticipation builds ahead of this year’s Origin series. Farah remains hopeful of retaining his spot as the first-choice No.9. “Origin means a lot to me and like I’ve always said, if I’m playing good footy here and Laurie and the selectors think I’m the best option, I’d love nothing more than to play again,” he said.


McIlwrick for Origin

Apart from Wallace, who else is there?

I’m looking through the teams and NSW ranks are thin….

1 or 2 injuries, and Killer is a legit shot - that’s actually pretty scary.

Isn’t Mcilwrick a kiwi, so if he is going to play origin it would be for Qld.

NZ, thats in Queensland.


Isn’t Mcilwrick a kiwi, so if he is going to play origin it would be for Qld.

NZ, thats in Queensland.

Except for Palmerston North.

I have heard Cooke described as a one trick pony compared to Robbie


I have heard Cooke described as a one trick pony compared to Robbie

Was that by yourself?



I have heard Cooke described as a one trick pony compared to Robbie

Was that by yourself?

na, by a Bunny supporter

Farah played perfectly when coming on today against Bulldogs. If he gets No 9 for SOO it will because of games like this when he comes on and initiates many varied attacks and is into everything whether backing up or tackling.

Coming on about 35 min mark he remained DH for whole game.

MOM in my opinion.

Those obstructions by souths were game changing, cost them the game.

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