Mitch Moses

Unleash people.

He has to be deliberately throwing games.

Yep he tanked that game. Disgraceful.

Most deliberate attempt to lose a game I have ever seen.

Should be rubbed out for it.

He’s dogged it for the last 3 weeks

Nofo was injured very early in the game, long before the commentators called it.

Moses kept passing to him and kicking to him why?

Then abuses Nofo for not running inside. omg

Those kicks and then the forward pass.

Moses mom for cronulla.

Unbelievable. If Moses doesn’t play tonight, we win. Pure and simple. So glad that guy is going.

Hes a dud.
Forward passes and poor kicks.

Had a shocker again tonignt.

wish we had someone like bellamy in the dressing room sometime

Id be putting him as 18th man in reggies for the rest of the season

Parra’s best take him now!

Little turd can go now, bring in Rankin at least he will have a go.

I’d rather drop him than release him. See how his ego handles playing at 10 30 on Saturday mornings.

the quicker LOLOHEA gets here the quicker moses GETS OFF THE BUS!!!

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