Who Do You Fear The Most

Which 2 Penrith players do you fear will turn up and have the potential to hurt us the most on Saturday?

For me it’s Lewis and Pritchard

Pritchard always destroys us! Porbably Walsh…. his kicking game has been spot on and he’s been playing some pretty decent footy…

Pritchard is the obvious one. He and Waterhouse.

But I don’t know. For some reason we have a habbit of bog ordinary Penrith players look like stars. So I will go with Brad Tighe and Luke Walsh

pritchard always smashes us - dont know why he turns up to our games and second of all lewis around the rucks.

Pritchard …… remember him strolling past Collis last year to give Penrith the win.

Thanks goodness Collis isn’t there any more.

Pritchard, Lewis, Walsh and Waterhouse. Pritchard and Waterhouse for their running wide of the ruck and their ability to draw in 3 players and still offload, Lewis for his general defence and leadership and Walsh for his kicking game. Penrith do not boast a big backline but they are quick and capitalising on the back of their forward pack, which does boast some size.

The Tigers usually struggle to compete against the Panthers pack so that’s where it’s all going to come down to IMO. Ball control which has been a lowlight against the Panthers of late is also vital. The Tigers cannot win this game with less than 50% possession and a completion rate of below 75%. They’ve got to do the little things right from the kickoff to trouble the Panthers, otherwise it will be a long night.

Pritchard. Always destroys us.

Pritchard without question, Petero as well, he wasn’t there last time we played he is still one of the best forwards going around.

Like everyone else Pritchard & Coote.He has been in great form

Pritchard and Walsh are the two who on their own can destroy us. The others such as Lewis, Jennings (who is below his best otherwise he’d be prime concern number 1) and Waterhouse are worries but not as much as their first two. Prtichard seems to destroy us each time. We have to compete and make a real efffort to put him on his backside. Walsh is their general and their only general. Destroyed us last year and i think his plans will be the same this time too.

Pritchard and Jennings.

Their big forwards always seem to wear us down and thats when Pritchard seems to start offloading at will and breaking tackles.

Jennings because after our forwards start to tire he tears us up though the middle.

We must get more then 50% possession!

the number 5

D Fitzhenry

nathan smith and matt bell

I fear for the refs safety if we have another
performance like last Fri…I hear Knuckles
is attending and taking his big poles too

I have this terrible feeling that a culmination of the reffing crap fest witnessed last weekend.

Maxwell rolled into Bowen the reff from NSW Cup

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