Paul Gallen Interview - Has a crack at Tigers

Look at this grub. Hope he cops a few jabs to the head.

“People obviously don’t know the game”

Then goes on to have a crack at Cleary. Is he kidding himself? He dived and would be furious if someone did it against his side. To think I was happy for the grub when he won a premiership.

Jesus Christ what a princess.

Who cares what a drug cheat thinks?

Even my 9-year-old sister would’ve fallen over from that contact by Woods. It is obvious he took a dive and was lucky to get the decision, Milky said it well - he would be furious if it happened to them.

If his team wasn’t filled with a bunch of grubs who foul our 2 rep players and cause match-ending injuries then we probably would’ve won. We had 2 guys on the bench for most of the match not to mention Nofooaluma was running around on 1 leg and does Moses even count as a player. All he did was help Cronulla.

He’s such a toss. So glad he won’t be in SOO to stifle the blues attack with one of his ball-hog hit ups

Memo Gallen

You’re a drug cheat son.

Don’t know why we give this guy any chat
Drug cheat
Closet Soccer fan

Did Weidler swallow a sheep???


Don’t know why we give this guy any chat
Drug cheat
Closet Soccer fan


Soccer fan? We wouldn’t be seen dead with him.

Doesn’t matter what dribble comes out of his mouth, it was a dive, a bad look for the game and he knows it

As i much as i loathe SBW i would love to see him beat this guy. Beat him severely.

Gallen should be reminded he is a convicted drug cheat…he didn’t get the nick name “medicine man” for no reason

It was a dive. If He didn’t drop like a diva no one looks at it.

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