Justin Pascoe lifts lid on Wests Tigers issues

Justin Pascoe lifts lid on Wests Tigers issues
MAY 3, 201710:33PM

WESTS TIGERS Chief Executive Justin Pascoe says the club did everything in its power to keep the club’s quartet of stars. Captain Aaron Woods (Canterbury), James Tedesco (Sydney Roosters) and Mitchell Moses (Parramatta Eels) are all departing, and only halfback Luke Brooks is committing to the club from next season. But Pascoe has cleared the air, saying he must carry the club forward and build for the future, instead of focusing on the reasons why the club’s stars chose to walk away. “We’ve done everything over the past five months that we believe are in the best interests of the club and afford them an opportunity to stay at the club,” Pascoe told Fox Sports League Life program. “They’ve made some really tough decisions, we respect those decisions, it’s not in the best interests of our organisation the way the outcome has gone, but that’s what it is — as CEO I can’t cry in the corner not having a favourable outcome.”

While Pascoe took responsibility for the three marquee stars choosing to sign elsewhere from 2018, he did outline factors that played against the Wests Tigers. He revealed the club had moved to resign James Tedesco last season, only to be rebuked, given issues the fullback was having with his former manager. Brooks and Moses were also approached mid-2016 to extend their stays, but both chose to take one-year options in their deal, ensuring all four big names came off contract at the same time.
Club captain Aaron Woods was also approached with a firm contract offer in December 2016, but ultimately didn’t resign. “It was really that perfect storm where these four players have all come off contract in the prime of their career, heavily targeted by other clubs,” Pascoe said. “I was disappointed with the outcome and I think the negotiation took too long. I put my hand up for that, because I was the lead negotiator in that process. “In an environment where you’re trying to secure four quality juniors — that was paramount to this football club. Hand on heart we couldn’t do any more to retain these guys.
“We offered up really long-term contracts, we’ve got a really clear vision where the organisation is going, we’re building a really competitive roster. “We’re in a position now where we’ve brought it to a conclusion. I think the club needed some clarity and certainty around that — we’re in a position to look to the future.”

The club has been riddled with instability at board level since becoming a joint venture in 1999, somewhat consumed by a power struggle between Balmain and Western Suburbs factions.
But with a new board assembled late last year, Pascoe says the club is moving forward united and stronger than ever. “There have been challenges to this club through the joint venture,” Pascoe said.
“The noise outside is not reflective of how we feel inside. The board has been in place since last year, ownership is now settled, and we’ve got a $57 million development that we’re heading towards.
“The board is working in absolute unity for the good of the Wests Tigers and the decisions that we’ve had to make are really about trying to bring an organisation that has had some instability, to a point of stability.” The headlines and results may not have been positive of late on-field, but away from the paddock the Wests Tigers are making serious gains.Revenue is on the increase, as the club continues to grow its membership base and commercial partnerships.

“We’ve got the largest membership the club’s ever enjoyed. For the very first time we have our apparel fully supported from a corporate perspective,” Pascoe explained. “Corporates out there don’t go out and spend $1 million or $300,000 with an organisation that they don’t feel comfortable with or feel like they don’t have a vision.”The silver lining throughout the mess is the fact the club is now in a position to secure talent and for the first time in several seasons does not have money going to players wearing an opposition jersey. Josh Reynolds and Ben Matulino have already committed to the club long-term and Pascoe knows he must continue to attract high-profile talent to ensure the club is competitive on the field. The goal is to make the club a force both on-field and off. “We’re through the biggest challenges. We’ve got stable ownership; we’ve got a really good board. “All the commercial activities are generating higher than they’ve ever been before. Our biggest challenge now is making sure we go out in the marketplace and get a roster that will make us compete and be sustainable — and I think we’re doing that.”

I don’t think the CEO said anything we really didn’t know. Basically the club tried to lock these guys up over an extended period of time, and at the end of the day the players chose another path.

If the club had gone to the ultimate end game with these guys, the amount of overs the club paid would mean they would be trolling this forum each week to see who could play the other 9 positions for free.

But we have a competitive team at the moment. Some great signings and retentions slated for 2018. So although Pascoe hinted it was not the ideal outcome. It just might the dawning of a great era for the mighty Tigers!

Very good and positive, even with the disappointment of 3 players that we’ve invested a lot in not wishing to stay

I would prefer a strong team across the park. Instead of being strong in key positions especially when those key positions don’t deliver

He’s a class act. Had my doubts for a while when things started started to turn sour with the 3, but with the way Woods has carried on of late, Pascoe has come out of this smelling like roses. As hard as this period is, he would know how well balanced our team will look next year, which is probably why he hasn’t bitten to all this garbage. He know’s he’ll have the last laugh.

As it has turned out, it’s only really Teddy that will be a loss. Brooksy has turned a corner over the past couple of weeks but for one reason or the other, the two’s time has come for them to move on.

The club followed a process and don’t appear to be have negligent in their responsibilities. The other indicators (sponsorship, membership etc) seem to be heading in the right direction.

Pascoe is going ok.

Sounds promising…… what $57 million project he is talking about?


Sounds promising…… what $57 million project he is talking about?

Pretty sure thats the new training centre of excellence the clubs wants to build? Could be wrong

Pascoe spoke well. The horizon is looking very good for the club. And regardless of who we are signing now or in the near future, Cleary, I believe will prove to be the best buy we have made. I am feeling so excited and I like the feeling. I think I could get used to it!



Sounds promising…… what $57 million project he is talking about?

Pretty sure thats the new training centre of excellence the clubs wants to build? Could be wrong

Thank you for that info

Smart operator , could have bagged out Woods and co but played it out very well , he knows we have money and a good coach so he will be the one with that semi finals grin maybe this year but 100 % next year , we are forming a solid footy team




That is awesome, is there any progress updates

Dependant on us getting a slice of a state govt grant, it’s with them. 40mil pot for Sydney nrl teams. We’re after 10. Only lodged end of march.

On another note, woods was also on nrl360 and mentioned again about the lack of support for 3 weeks. Seriously, is that even an issue? If that’s what pascoe has had to contend with, then no wonder it was a battle.

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