Balmain Side Round 7 V Newtown

1 Sean Meaney
2 Lee Bennett C
3 Brett Lane
4 Ben Macdougall
5 Sam Latu

6 Gavin Cowan
7 Darren Nicholls

8 Eloni Vunakece
9 Ryan Carr
10 David Gower
11 Rhys Curran
12 Willie Mataka
13 Jared Farlow


14 Ryan Dalziel
15 John Clayton
16 Sioeli Makaui
17 Matthew Ryan
18 Joseph Uliabau

No Lazarus :slight_smile:

No Lazarus…means he’s either injured or in first grade

or Taumata…still injured or going straight to the bench?

my guess is FG also no taumata, brown or schirnacks. I no AJ has been injured as has the schirnacks so it will be interesting

Alan & Jason were hopeful of return this weeks as was Arana but nothing was set in stone as it would be a close call.

Brown will more than likely be the shadow bench player regardless I feel if he is not named in the side

Why are the Tigers always one of the last teams to name their side on Tuesdays???

We only just got over the Jets in the 1st round, anyone know which game is being televised on the NSWRL Cup on Foxsports tomorrow, only saw a little of last weeks game as I had to go out to another town!.

It is the Jets game from last week being televised I believe

Jets Side

1 Johnathon Ford
2 Charlie Herekotukutuku
3 Troy Savage
4 Tu’u Maori
5 Chris Tuatara-Morrison
6 Russell Aitken
7 Liam Foran
8 Charlie Leaeno
9 Keith Peters
10 Mose Masoe
11 James Koloamatangi
12 Jason Wells ©
13 Ray Moujalli

14 Khalid Deeb
15 Daniel Fepuleai
16 Tinirau Arona
17 Ryan Verlinden
20 Brad Barrett


Stonking game by the entire side.

Gower played his best game of the season and Vunakece as well.

Really cohesive and playing as a unit. They rediscovered their defensive line speed.

Farlow is a defensive lynchpin and Nicholls and Cowan did very well in the halves.

Downside is two injuries. Brett Lane came off after maybe 10 minutes and when he re-emerged it was in team street gear. Not sure of the injury.

Makaui lasted one or two tackles in his comeback and dislocated his shoulder.

Carr & Meaney showed why they should be looked at for a first grade spot

Another year where Balmain a Balmain match clashes with our game at Penrith. Another year where I leave my home 15 minutes drive from CUA Stadium and drive 40+ minutes in the opposite direction.

Another year I know I made the right choice

Poor Makaui. I remember when I first saw him play. I thought he’d carve up coming off the bench in firsts one day. Just no luck at all.

Did Taumata play? It was mentioned in another thread he played…

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