Wests Tigers playing strip.

How good did the playing strip look on saturday night against the sharks I consider it to be the best strip we have and should be used on a permanent basis .We look like a football team in that strip not like a soccer team in that pussy white strip .We can still have our indigenous,women in league and hero strip for one off games per year but lets look like a football team when we take the field

I don’t like it tbh. The last one i liked was the hoops one in 2014

Playing strip what?

It’s ordinary. A GWS AFL replica.

I like it more than the stupid white one with the grey Tiger logo on the chest.

I prefer the white one to that stupid black jumper with the orange saddle to be honest.

So what do you guys think was our best jersey?


So what do you guys think was our best jersey?

ahhh, the day the Magpie took on all the Seagulls.



So what do you guys think was our best jersey?

I like the fact that the emblems of Wests ( albeit i would rather have the traditional magpie ) and Balmain were on the sleeves with the WT emblem proudly on the chest.

Something like this with a better design is perfecf I reckon

Love the hoops - make the sleeves white, and make that the clash jersey (as I imagine we’ll keep the black with double chevron as our home for a while).

Last year’s mainly black one, and those we wore in ‘10 &’ 11 my picks

I love some of the mock ups done on here, and I agree the hooped one is the best so far. But why not a slight change on a previous design. Something like this maybe?

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