Report: Roosters worried about star recruit's punctuality

Report: Roosters worried about star recruit’s punctuality

He may make split-second decisions on the field that leave his opponents clutching at thin air, but off the field things could not be any more different for million-dollar man James Tedesco. In the wake of his signing a lucrative new offer to move to Bondi in 2018, Roosters officials are quietly worried about their star recruit’s indecisiveness. It hasn’t been admitted publicly until now but the club had been in negotiations with Tedesco for close to 6 months and what they saw in meetings during that time gave them cause for concern.

“We’d supposed to be meeting for a coffee, which we know James drinks daily, but when it came time to order he’d often take 2-3 minutes to make a decision. With the waitress standing there. She’d ask “shall I come back?” and we came to know that as the worst thing she could say. It’s like it angered him. Once she did that he would tell her to wait. And she’d just be standing there expecting him to order. It was awkward as”.

Even more worrying to Roosters officials was his attitude after ordering. “He’d act like what he’d just done was normal but we were puzzled. You shouldn’t need so much time to make a decision about something you do everyday”.

‘Tediusco’, as he came to be known by some at the Roosters, also put off some with his selfishness. “It wasn’t that uncommon for James to criticise the waiters but only after they’d left the table. He always thought they were pushing him but in fact they’d gone out of their way to accomodate him. He’d act like they were the ones at fault. It was then we knew that if we ever reached that stage with him (where he signed), we were in for a tense cooling-off period”.

One time people present at the meeting tried to move the conversation on while Tedesco was deciding, which provoked an unusual response. “He said something like ‘guys this is a difficult decision for me and my family and I’d appreciate it if you respected that’. It was bizarre. That’s when we realised maybe his manager had his ear a bit too much”.

Classic! You had me going there for half a sentence!

Punctuality has nothing to do with being indecisive


Punctuality has nothing to do with being indecisive

Reported for being a killjoy.

Haha come on Gunners it was funny, no need to get picky mate.


Haha come on Gunners it was funny, no need to get picky mate.

Don’t mind me. I was just annoyed because i thought it was a real article for a minute.

This is awesome. It had me most of the way. Well written. Seems like you have a real talent Krayola


Punctuality has nothing to do with being indecisive

Aye but if he’s put the header “Roosters worried about indecisiveness” it might not have prompted as many clicks. We know he is indecisive, we didn’t know he was also non-punctual!

bahahahahaha well played

Do you think that’s how RObbie got him to backflip? Bought him a cup of coffee? Wonder how long one coffee turned into a few hours at the cafe. :roll

I wonder how close to 6 months ago that the negotiations took place. If we assume Teddy signed on somewhere between the 5th and 19th of April then anywhere near 6 months would of broken the NRL rules.

We are now fabricating stories on our own forum?

The forum standards are slipping.

With all the drama of late good to have a laugh - thanks mate.

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