Sharks chairman drug possession

Damien Keogh doing an SKD

Give him a really good kicking Buzz

He must be Ben barba’s dealer

Just a couple of weeks ago Buzz & Kenty whilst bagging the Tigers board and going on to say how good the Sharks headed by the great Damien Keogh was someone who was credible in turning the Sharkies around . Hope they chokin on the headlines.

He was just holding for a mate…no big deal…

Apparently it’s a big misunderstanding he was there to buy peptides but was handed the wrong bag

Hey Buzz - you there mate? Buzz? Buzz - Can’t hear you buddy!

Classic! :roll

Not sure why he was forced to stand down.

I don’t think there is a better example of the leadership setting the tone for the club after Barba, peptdides, mad mondays etc etc.

Maybe they are aiming higher and looking for a recently released convicted trafficker to lead the club.

Hehe, this will take the attention off the Tigers!

Hello Paul Gallen ,

Who were you telling the other day to get their club in order?

Who? I cant hear you ? Did you say something Paul ?
Here ya go Paul maybe one of these _______________
will help you out…

This doesn’t matter as the media will put this to the side and still focus on our past decisions and letting the BIG 4 go… Please

They can focus on this, Panthers players wanting out, SKD and drugs,

They must really want SKD. Does cocaine count as a TPA?

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