Another Cocaine bust at Sharks

Oh dear… Coke to become major sponsor of the Sharkies…???

Re-locate them to Perth. Grubs.

Young men with money in the shire, of course there will be coke around. Seems to be an incident a day at the moment

Cronulla is the NRL Drug capital 😆 😆

What’s the betting Booze Rothfield takes a sabatical!

You there buzz?


Re-locate them to Perth. Grubs.

We don’t want s#%# like the Sharks over here either. Send 'em to Victoria, they deserve 'em.

It’s good to see that heat is off us …… for while anyway.

Poor old Buzz didn’t look the best on 360 last night.
Said how disappointed he was in Keogh, as he was a good friend of his….

Had to eat humble pie when he mentioned the Tigers Chairperson.
Previously he had said what a great Chairman Keogh was and that the Tigers Chairperson could learn a lot from him…until the shit hit the fan.

Poor old Buzz…zzzzzzzz.

Sharks Chairman To Sign With Toulon

Cronulla Sharks CEO Lyall Gorman has confirmed Chairman Damian Keogh stepped down from his role as chairman in what he labelled a “very challenging, very disappointing day” for the sport – which can be loosely translated as:

“One of the men who sacks 21 year old footballers for doing coke was doing coke”

Mr Keogh is believably in talks with French rugby club, Toulon, also known as ‘De Rugby League Délinquant’ Academy – where it’s believed he will sign on as an execeutive of some sort.

“We look forward to having him” said one French rugby official.

“We’ve seen how well the delinquent rugby players, play”

“We’d love to see how well the coked up chairman, chair”

The drug cheats should be kicked out of the comp.

Glass house syndrome, a bit here.
Don’t forget about Kyle Lovett, Tim Simona, and early on Craig Field, Kevin McGuinness tested positive and got lengthy bans.

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