Match Day Officials

Shayne Hayne & Chris James

Sideline Officials: Steve Carrall & Ricky McFarlane

Video Referee: Steve Clark

Chris who?

Looks like we’ve copped one of the new refs after last weekends parra/souths debacle.

Yay…a rookster to throw missiles at

Shane Hayne the Pain! This is terrible news!

Steve Clarke video ref is terrible too.

Why can’t we have Badger every week !!

shayne hayne is improving doesnt blow the pee out of it anymore, and chris james from what i’ve seen is pretty good, pretty fair.

I will take Shayne Hayne every game; he is a vastly improved referee and generally referees based on a common sense approach.

As long as it’s not that utter dimwit Maxwell I’m happy.

Awesome….Kevin Shayne hasn’t been to bad lately so he’s due…James Hmmmm wasn’t he the grand final ref who dudded the 20’s last year…

I was really hoping for Maxwell…

Shane Hayne Stats
Penrith 24 games
Penrith Won 9 Lost 15
37.5% success rate
2 wins @ Home, 5 Losses
7 wins Away, 10 losses

Wests Tigers
29 games
Tigers won 13, Lost 16
Success Rate 44.83%
At home 6-6 win/loss
Away 7 wins, 10 losses

Penrith at Home under Hayne 28.57% success
Tigers Away under Hayne 41.18% success

OK what is the Tigers away stats at Cua under Hayne?

Maxwell…100% success

Don’t mind Kevin Shayne Hayne, although sometimes he does blow his whistle to much. Better than bloody Maxwell or Archer…

IMHO, with the exception of maxwell and cummins the refereeing is generally not as bad as people say. no referee is perfect but they’re not that bad either.

Not too concerned about the refs this week - no Maxwell, YAY!

BEst thing i’ve read though is that they have dropped the stupid new interpretation of the advantage rule - must gain 10 metres in attack for their to be an advantage - which resulted in that farcical Bulldog play at the SFS last Friday where the only acceptable advantage would have been a try. Have gone back to the previous interpretation that leaves it up to each ref to determine if there has been an advantage.

Thats good news. Ridiculous rule. commensense prevails

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