Dog eat dog

the bloke on big breakfast this morning was talking about the role news reporters have in rugby league these days.he was saying that it was their role,as news reporters, to report to the public on the hullaballoo that goes on with league players as far as drug abuse,domestic violence,marriage breakups etc.

these social issues,im sure ,occured in the past but it wasnt regarded as newsworthy nor ethical to report on them.
even though they were saints,raper,langlands and smith were absolute skallywags in their time but we didnt care nor was it widely reported by the media.
earlier in the year we had the bryce cartwright point is,why do we have to know.why cant we watch the footie on the weekend and get back to the working week,without the scandal.
so,the bloke on bsb was saying that it was pretty much dog eat dog journalistic reporting.get the best story,newsworthy or not, and beat the other bloke to a headline.
with fairfax planning to retrench further workers, ethical journalism is becoming an endangered species.
so where will these retrenched workers turn to,the unemployment lines?
this explains the scoops news reporters are always claiming.
its a dog eat dog world,get in first.

Obviously not helped by the PAL eaters out there, who munch this stuff up.

The journos will argue that if nobody wanted the off-field material, they wouldn’t be under pressure to report it.

But this is the way of modern-day, clickbait and bite-sized media. Who sits down and reads a broadsheet any more?

Much of the decline can be traced back to Rupert Murdoch nearly all of what he has control over in the world is agenda driven and dishes up unsubstantiated opinion.Under his watch a newspaper he controlled was forced to close due to illegal activity.His “empire” has no shame and little if any credibility

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