Doggies in fighting started

woodsy left partly because of a more stable management team. well woodsy there is reported massive in fighting with the ceo and directors. i have heard murmurs that the board elections in october next year will see alot of mud throwing and tempers flare. its not always greener on the other side. sucked in woodsy you powder puff

I needed a laugh !!! Same as Teddy and the Drug / Dog club

Careful what you wish for.

Brilliant. …it is what it is…

October… next year.

Good luck with that stability Woodsy, he thinks we’re bad, wait until the Dogs fans decide he wasn’t worth losing Grub over…

The dogs are woeful without Reynolds. No spark whatsoever .

In-fighting started? Dogs have been going at it for a while.

Steve Mortimer quit last year after publicly saying Dogs had “lost their DNA”, after which club confirmed they would honour Dessie’s contract. Then this year all the noise about Dessie’s long-term future, the decision made to retain him and clearly some potential signings were part of the agreement.

But the Dogs are highly exposed in salary cap, one favourite player moved on and potentially others to follow.

Big price signings Mbye and Lichaa that have failed to date.

Plenty of trouble brewing the last few years at Dogs.

well woodsy that team u left us for really look like a side that will be in the finals, NOT with the talent they have they were woeful, I think sacking des would have been a better option. well woodsy u made ur bed so go lay down with ur dogs, but remember u will get up with flees, hope they bite.

Woods is a good front rower. But isn’t what the Dogs need. Such a waste of money on their behalf. It’s going to make for an unbalanced team…unless they shed some forwards .

Woods moving on has done us a favour.

Although we’ll miss his play his high cost allows us probably Packer and half of Malulinos contract, I will take that.

Gives us some forward muscle we haven’t had since Blockers days with Balmain and those glorious days with Dallas, Bob Cooper etc at the Magpies.

Looking forward to the pack setting a great platform up front !.

foran and woods are terrible signings for the dogs. woods wont improve them one bit. kasiano, graham and klemmer all play like him anyway. big guys who dont run hard and would prefer to pass then dig into the line. they would seriously have been better off signing Ava (im not saying Ava is a better prop then Woods, merely that he would be a better fit for the Dogs).

foran is a solid, organising half who takes the line on, however he isnt a number 1 play maker which is what the dogs have signed him to be. his best years were at manly where DCE was the main play maker and hes been going ok at the warriors where johnson is the flashy one. now he is going to the dogs where he will partner mybe who like foran is a running half who goes to the line.

it makes no sense whatsoever, it feels like theyve just signed two big names for the sake of signing big names

Please don’t back flip Woods! someone take his locker keys and door pass.

They were gutless last night. Looked like a team not playing for each other. I guess that what happens if no one is sure if they will be shown the door at any moment.

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