Never thought Teddy would be a quitter

I thought I understood. I sympathised. I expected to cheer Teddy every minute he spent in a Tigers jersey.

But those two “tackle attempts” suggest he couldn’t care less about us. Get a bag, find a cubicle and enjoy the rock star lifestyle at the Roosters.

Time to move on.

He has never been an effective tackler. The myth of James being a great defensive fullback is just that.

On tonight’s effort though it looks like his manager has told him to protect himself and be in good nick to party with the new team (and management) at Ivy on Saturday night.

Yea seems as though he is only doing enough to do his job where before all the contract BS, he seemed like he was trying with all his might

Especially when those blokes in front of him are playing so well lol.

Easily the worst game I’ve seen him play. Coincidence NO. He’s not interested,it’s obvious. Tell people not to boo, I dare ya

His been poor. We can definitely get a better defensive fullback in 2018. Tedesco has always been caught out of position. We will miss his attacking game when in form but I’m not sure if his in bad form or teams have him worked out.hopefully he struggles at Roosters.

Playing soft will double his chance of injury.

He was influenced by Robbie in the past and you know that mentality. Origin is coming up, focs on the blues and your reputation, not the club paying your wages. Don’t be surprised if he has some niggling injury next week that wil force him to miss the game, but he will be alright for origin one.

On form he should not be picked.

He didn’t struggle one on one against a rampaging Junior Paulo or Papalli.

Had a better second half, but on current form I wouldn’t choose him for NSW.

Dogged it tonight.
So much for calling all his teammates telling them he was committed to WT for this year. Certainly didn’t look like it tonight.
Actions, not words James.

very poor tonight think he’s checked out, pathetic if that’s the case.

He looks so slow and defence is crap.

He missed more tackles than he made tonight.

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