Seems fair

Pay Farah $750,000 to play against us and tear us new one. 😒

Support Souths then.🙄

But we are paying Teddy and Moses about the same to do the same thing

Yes, he has had a good game tonight

No one was talking about Farah after round 1.

He has 1 good game every 3 or 4 weeks for them, like he did for us in recent seasons.

Good luck to him I guess, but really who cares?

I think he pointed out to MacGurie that origin was coming up and demanded to start. He will crawl back into his hole next wek


Support Souths then.🙄

Why would I do that?
Just pointing out how ridiculous this club has been.

He was a grub to start the game and deserved the hit from Ava to connect… the only reason ppl are saying he had a great game was because he used to play for the Tigers… seriously… plenty of Souths players have had a better game… but by all means, praise the grub that semi turns up for one game a year to prove a point to the easily lead…

I’d pay 750 grand of my money to not see Farah in the team I love…. and now others it seems…


I’d pay 750 grand of my money to not see Farah in the team I love…. and now others it seems…

Well you must have a lot of money laying around … could you stump up for some TPA’s

Good to see you starting the Robbie chant tonight CK. I was joining in in round one when he was going one out, dropping the ball and completely overplaying his hand much like he did in the last couple of years in a tigers jersey

Easy to look good when your forwards win the ruck.

Would seem the burrow would be the place to discuss this. Otherwise the OP could just deathride via PM with GCT and the other newcomer from the live game thread.

Robbie was great. Letting him go was one of the worst decisions as a club we’ve ever made.

:brick: Why the heck must we go over and over the whole Farah thing? As if we don’t have enough threads about this bloke.

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