Tigers game plan


Wingers run one out. One forward runs on the 4th tackle. Brooks kicks a normal bomb from 50 metres out that does nothing and hasnt for the last two years.

Who ever started this bomb from halfway should be shot. There not even torpedoes, there just up and over. I find this football so boring.

Our other attacking option is to wrap around and give the ball to teddy who never passes it.

Il always support this team but honestly dont find this type of football interestingbat all. Ratjer just see the result

Lottery ball. We have a ticket, never going to win the jackpot

Honestly if your going to bomb make it a contest by doing torpedoes. Kicking from halfway is basically saying we dont know how to score.

It was like a return to Taylorball.

It be safe to say they did not follow the game plan. Our front row is so light this year and Moses and teddy dogging it.

Yes.OOther than brooks bombing it or teddys non passing dancing I didnt see any other attacking option. Was dreadful. Moses needs to go now. Id try and get gamble here this year and give him a run.At least hel have a crack.

I think it’s obvious that our weak roster is now exposed and It’s going to be a long road to weed out the rubbish mind set out of these players.
I really think that Cleary will not get anywhere until the new squad is in position…… next year.
The bad attitude that the players which are leaving carry with them on the field will be heavy burden to carry for rest of the year.
I feel for the coach and the fans.


It was like a return to Taylorball.

Cool took 4 posts for that to come out, I was waiting!

Ummm…the blokes been gone for over a month…

I blame the Whether. Whether the players are settled post contracts? Whether we missed Woods? Whether we signed Lolowhomever? Whether it was a dodgy penalty when we were on top early in 2nd half on their line? Whether we win lotto? Yep, I blame the Whether.

Slow wingers never out run their opponents have to put on the brakes.
We ask very few questions of opposition defences, rarely create overlaps and there are very few multiple bodies sin motion supporting the ball runner.
Our attack is boring slow and predictable

Right from the first set we were terrible. Playing with a light pack, yet we continually bunched up around the centre of the field, ran one-out and got hammered. Brooks trying to run the attack with no help or success.

Ivan, what the???

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