2017 Attack?

What has happened???

Whether its Taylor, Webster or Cleary, our attack has looked so pedestrian this year other than the Rabbitohs.

Last year we had some attack. What is the difference? I put part of it to losing a strike centre (Simona), but can’t think of much else.

We look alright when we try and go forward first but so many times it’s like they go oh it’s the fourth we had better do that back line play. Backs can only look good if your forwards get some momentum, last night Souths were all over us the whole game so we had nothing to work with.

You can not attack when you have no go forward and a no6 who doesn’t want to be there, plus a no1 who’s mind is a fraction distracted

Yep our pack gets dominated almost every game.

Apart from the forwards issue, I think a lot of it rests with Cleary wanting Brooks to run the team. Moses said in a post match interview that is the case. I also feel that this is the reason he looks like he is disinterested.

And simply, we have better attacking options when Moses is more involved, I think we need better balance.

It looks like the Bulldogs attack, woeful!!!

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