NRL 2017: Wests Tigers Ivan Cleary calls for transfer system overhaul with Mitchell Moses distracted

NRL 2017: Wests Tigers Ivan Cleary calls for transfer system overhaul with Mitchell Moses distracted
May 13, 20173:05pm

WESTS Tigers coach Ivan Cleary has reignited calls for a transfer window after admitting the constant speculation around the future of embattled star Mitchell Moses is affecting his form.

Moses turned in arguably his worst performance of the season in the Tigers’ 28-8 loss to South Sydney on Friday night, missing a game-high seven tackles and failing to make a single run.

He was also the only player to concede multiple penalties and sent a second half restart out on the full, cruelling any hopes of a Tigers comeback at ANZ Stadium.

It comes after almost a month of hysteria surrounding his future, including multiple requests for a mid-season release to Parramatta.

Cleary took aim at a transfer market that has gone haywire as player managers look to take advantage of a collective bargaining agreement that has yet to resolve next year’s salary cap.

He claimed other NRL franchises had privately expressed their concern over the current player transfer system, but none more than the Concord-based club.

“Our club’s probably most influenced at the moment but certainly talking among other people within the game and other clubs, there’s a lot of players that are distracted,” Cleary said.

The former Warriors and Panthers mentor also believes the ongoing speculation isn’t necessarily healthy for the code.

“I think it actually affects the product. I’m not a fan of all this constant speculation actually helping the game,” Cleary said.

“It’s probably time that the game looked at sorting this out, or making it a better system. We’re not even halfway through the year yet. No doubt there’s plenty of players distracted.”

Cleary said the governing body could look at any number of alternatives.

“I think we’ve got to look at a few different ones. I don’t mind the transfer window whether you have two; one mid-season, one at the end, whatever,” he said.

“I understand that that kind of speculation’s good for fans but the fact that it’s a window and not the whole time, that would be something to look at.

“I just don’t think it’s healthy at the moment.”

The Tigers have been widely tipped to allow Moses to go to the Eels should the club receive compensation, possibly in the form of out-of-favour Warriors playmaker Tuimoala Lolohea.

But the Warriors have baulked at letting Lolohea depart mid-season, despite informing his manager they would consider releasing him from the final year of his contract in 2018.

Told the system wouldn’t be entirely to blame if the club agreed to let Moses go, Cleary said: “It is in a way because that wouldn’t happen if it was a different system, simple as that.”

The transfer system has been the way it is for a zillion years and 99% of players have dealt with it. Why does it need to be overhauled because one spoiled brat man child can’t be a professional and focus on the rest of his season with his current club?

Why do we have all the Nancy boys of the comp. The sooner they are gone the better. Too bad they don’t hold the club first instead of their inflated egos.

Can see the merit in transfer windows.
Moses having a tantrum and throwing his toys out the pram for not getting his way by the looks of it

Regardless it won’t happen unless the Roosters, Dogs and Broncos ask for it

I see this as an avenue for cleary to state that Moses is playing like rubbish without directly calling him out on it.

Transfer window would be way better, a period of a few weeks during the middle of the season and then during the off season as Ivan said would be a huge improvement on the current system. Would generate excitement and hype leading up to it and during but have it condensed to a period of a few weeks - once it’s over it’s over and the talk stops. It is so tiring and boring when it drags on for the whole year and as we’ve seen can have a negative affect on a team

Not many clubs would be dealing with four regular fgraders signed with other clubs with three of them being key players. I applaud Cleary for speaking out about it.


I see this as an avenue for cleary to state that Moses is playing like rubbish without directly calling him out on it.

Mmmmm could be right, now that’s real ‘shifty’.

There a DT headline from buzz saying Isaac now using the the welfare card for his poor client. The one that’s contracted big $ this year but some reason can’t wait until next year. Absolute grubs.

Well it’s called a contract, end of story. Needs agreement from both parties.

At least there are admissions surfacing from both camps regarding M.Moses poor form, something is going to have to happen.


Souths get pay back on Tigers
Mitchell Moses’s agent complains to NRL about his welfare at Wests Tigers
Phil Rothfield, The Sunday Telegraph
May 13, 2017 9:00pm
Subscriber only
THE manager of Wests Tigers five-eighth Mitchell Moses has complained to the NRL and the Players Association about his treatment at the Wests Tigers and overall welfare.

Moses was not supposed to play for the Wests Tigers against South Sydney on Friday night, which probably explains why he had such an embarrassing shocker. He missed seven tackles and didn’t run the football once.

At training last weekend, coach Ivan Cleary told him: “This will be your last session.”

That he would be free to join the Parramatta Eels.

CONTRACT: Moses shocker prompts transfer revamp

CLEARY: ‘Players are distracted’

Moses’s transfer saga is dragging on — and his agent isn’t happy.
Moses rang his manager Isaac Moses to tell him what was said but a few days later still nothing had happened.

So Isaac Moses, his manager, fired off an email to the Wests Tigers and copied in the Players Association and the NRL. It had, according to the player agent, become a welfare issue. The kid was mess. He didn’t know if he was coming or going.

We tried to speak to Cleary about this situation. He wouldn’t speak on the phone but exchanged a few texts.

Buzz: I need to speak to you about Mitchell Moses please.

Cleary: Sorry mate but no comment.

Buzz: Did you tell him last Saturday it was his last training session?

There was no reply.

Tigers press conference
Cleary, for all his results at the Panthers and Warriors, is not renowned for dealing with delicate issues and dramas.

At least at Penrith he had Gus Gould to step in and help. At the Wests Tigers there is no one.

Players’ union boss Ian Prendergast said he would speak with the Wests Tigers’ management this week to try to resolve the problem

Haha mMoses just play football you brat. Tigers, Eels, whatever, get the football, run, pass, tackle.

You are under contract, doesn’t matter what Cleary did or did not tell you, you play football when you are asked or you don’t get paid.

Poor old beetroot head still doesn’t know that he’s getting played by Isaac Moses to do his dirty work for him in the media .

Welfare ? The kid’s on 12k a week ! Which on current form is about 11.9k a week too much .

This is ridiculous… Buzz/Isaac Moses etc. clutching at straws. He’s still under contract to Wests Tigers for the remainder of the year and having a cry because we played “hard ball” and, god forbid, wanted him to see out the contract he signed… Now just having a cry because he’s not getting what he wants. Are they suggesting this is mistreatment? Who are these guys trying to fool?? The club should be complaining about their treatment by him and his scum bag manager if anything.

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