What to do with Moses?

What should the tigers do with Mitchell Moses?

Easy…the ball is in his Managers, (Unc Moses) court to get Parramatta to offer the WT a player swap what works for the WT…then we will gladly call a stretch pink Hummer to drive Moses from his Hunters Hill home he shares with [censored] bound Tedesco to Parramatta daily.

It’s either Parra give us a player in return, or he stays with us whether in reserve grade or not

Reserve grade

Would rather Rankin in the 6

Make a thread about him

And/or have him put down.

The thing that is not clear is whether we need his excess cap money for the remainder of the season to pay Lolohea or we have some excess for Lolohea. If we are able to squeeze Lolohea in then I would only give MM to parra for a player.

Unfortunately Mitch’s present form is not encouraging much bargaining power for that swap.

Wouldn’t want to poison reserve grade, and he would still train with the first grade squad. Additionally it would just become one more thing for woods and Tedesco to cry mispractice over.

Best outcome release to parra for a player.

Release him when we get something we want in return.

Make him collect players socks and jocks post game and wash them….

… By hand.

Seriously, Reggies

Send him to reserve grade

Reserve grade until Parra cease their greed and provide proper compensation
Reserve grade until 2017 completes.

He is done in first grade at this club.

19th man for Reserve grade…

Reserve grade and if he doesent improve on the bench for reserve grade


19th man for Reserve grade…

21st man in First Grade so he never plays for WT again and is underdone when he goes to Parra.

A gender change op. A big pair of balls might help him play like a man…

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